Thursday, June 27, 2019

Vermont Renaissance Faire 2019

This past weekend, I attend the Vermont Renaissance Faire located at Stowe, Vermont (the faire was held June 22 and 23). 

Before we get into the faire, lets discuss the location.  You will be in awe of the surrounding mountains and landscape of this faire, it is breathtaking.  Stowe also has a wonderful history so I encourage to look this up.

I have attended this faire several times, and it is always a treat. I encourage everyone to make plans, not just for this faire, but all the great events that Vermont Gatherings put on.  This group does an excellent job at every event they organize.

I want to get right into describing the vendors, actors and performers who made this faire a memorable experience.

Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword- This is the premier re-enactors, educators of the medieval/renaissance period. Their period knowledge of combat and weaponry is unmatched by any other group out there.  I cannot encourage you enough to seek them out.

Valkyrie Vanguard- Their products are truly amazing. At this faire their section was concentrating on wonderfully designed flower crowns etc.

Moon Dragon Desgins- A great vendor that sells 100% handmade items from jewelry to knit handwarmers.

L.I.A.R.S. (

- This is my favorite group of singers.  Their harmonies and singing ability is a rare talent, so make sure to find them performing somewhere near you.

Auntie Arwen’s Spices- I am always impressed with their selection and price on every type of spice and herbs you need for cooking.

Leanan Sidhe- A group of lovely and talented belly dancers. 

Hickory Arms- Although they are the "go to" vendor for wooden practice swords, they also sell other wonderful items.

Shelli Buttons- If you are not amazed and entertained by this wonderful performer, you need medical help.  She will amaze you at the same time she makes you laugh. She also had a tent where she sold some of her artwork. A truly versatile artist and performer.

Blue Dragon Collectables- I first saw her at the Vermont Winter Renaissance Festival.  She creates some intricate miniature statues and collectables.

My video I made for the faire. Do not forget to “Like” and “Subscribe” to my YouTube Channel.

Thimbleberry the Woodsprite- I have seen her at several faires. She is a delight to see for the entire family.

Myschyffe Managed- What a great group of singers. They can entertain a crowd all day long, and into the night.

Made by Hand Leather-Always my go to for leather goods. Great vendor, make sure to check out his products.

Artesano Mead- Another vendor I first saw at the VermontWinter Renaissance Festival. They sell some wonderful mead. Some of the mead are in flavors I never even imagined.

Spur of the Moment Joust Team and Equestrian Martial Arts- Jousting at a renaissance faire is always the highlight of the faire, and this group puts on one of the best.

Draugar Vinlands- From their encampment to their demonstrations, this group shows why they are the best Viking re-enactment group out there.  If you get a chance do not miss them.

Longshanks- A great pair I enjoy visiting with at these faires.  They will tell stories to entertain the entire family, and do it on stilts. If you see them at a faire, look up and say hello.

Tintagels Gate- From wands, tarot cards to swords and daggers, this merchant has them all. Make sure to check out their blacksmithing demonstrations also.

Oh’Anleigh- A great musical group I always enjoy listening to. If you like Irish tunes sung by great musicians, then this is the group for you.

Highland Secrets- Specializing in kilts and Scottish clothing. Not only do they have a great Scottish clothing line, their site also sells music and instruments.

Chicken Fried Quilter- Specializing in unique hand crafted items, particularly those that are quilted.

Highland Pewtersmithy- Sold pewter items, but also had a demonstration about making it.

Halfmoon Travel Company- sold some wonderful coats, capes and cowls and such great quality.

Iron Grove Forge-a great blacksmith. I always enjoy seeing them at their trade.

Valhalla Horns- Seller of some great horns, be it as drinking items or as blowing horns.

Van Ness Woodcrafts-Sells great wood products.  Their tankards are unbelievable.

Dragon’s Lair- Sellers of some pretty cool items focusing on sci fi and fantasy.

Viking Wolfcraft- A vendor I first saw at the Vermont WinterRenaissance Festival.  Sells some wonderful wood products.

Creations (formerly Starfire Swords)-Wonderful collection  of swords and daggers.  They also knew a ton of information about them and other weaponry.

Manic Mark- He makes and sells some great unique masks. Truly impressive work done here.

Lori L. MacLaughlin-- Great author of Lady Thy Name is Trouble and other great works.

Mary Lawerence- What a great author, I was lucky enough to see two great writers at this faire. Check out her site for her wonderful works.

Bonnie Weaver- A talented artist who is keeping the history of weaving alive.

This is one of the faies I drive the most to get to. This limits me in enjoying the faire as much as I can and also restricts me in seeing each and every vendor and performer. I encourage you to go to the sites “VRTF Marketplace” and “VRTF Performers and Entertainment” pages to find out more.

The biggest compliment I can give to the Vermont Renaissance Faire is that it has a diverse lineup.  There is the perfect combination of entertainment, performers and merchants to keep you interested and occupied throughout the entire day (if not the whole weekend).

As I stated earlier Vermont Gatherings puts on several events each year, check their calendar for these events and start making plans to attend.  This group, and all those involved in these events, should be commended on doing a great job.  Please check their sponsors who also help these events occur.

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W.A. Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian.  You can contact him via his website or email.


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