Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Full Moon and Halloween Too


It is the year 2020, and we all know how this year has gone so far. We have been besieged by elections, pandemics, economic difficulties, miss information and anything else in between.  Halloween would also suffer some setbacks this year.  Many children would not go out trick r treating, but rather do inside activities with their families. This is totally understandable in this unstable year.  We also had a full moon and here it was cold, but clear so we could see it.

I did make an attempt on doing a limited Halloween at my house.  This included to make sure social distancing and making it as safe as possible for those children who did venture out into the cold night here that was Halloween. This included putting candy in bags and also setting up a hand sanitizing station.

Let’s get into the decoration and costume I wore this Halloween.

Many of my readers will notice my costume and decorations I had previously purchased. I collect these every year (sometimes on sail after Halloween) and use them later on.

Using my steampunk costume I had put together last year, you can read about it here.  I bought a vampire mask to go over my Corvid approved mask and made my costume.

I will go to retail stores that pop up during the Halloween season such as the Spirit Store,  these stores do have a large selection of items, but are also a little pricey.

I do however, prefer to shop local, and when I am in the Albany, NY area I shop at The Costumer.  This is a wonderful store with 2 locations one in Albany, the other in Schenectady, NY.   At Halloween time make sure to check out the back with their


At The Costumer I often purchase many items, I particularly like buying their inflatable mannequins. With these and some masks and costumes I can create a great looking decoration.  This is a great and inexpensive way to make decorations.

Using the mannequin, and modifying an animated scarecrow door decoration, I created a new decoration.  Using the test button that came with the scarecrow decoration and a remote device I created a brand-new decoration for my yard. 

As usual I used small Styrofoam pumpkins that are very inexpensive. Sometimes, I cut them into a jack-o-lantern or simply cut a whole in the bottom.  Putting a battery powered tea light, or a chem-light inside, I make a lighted up pathway on my sidewalk.

My video of Halloween at my house

I did have a limited number of trick r treaters at my house.  Even though they were limited, I hope the ones that did come to my house I hope they enjoyed Halloween.

If you enjoy our Halloween trip, I hope you will share and leave a comment.  I always enjoy your responses.

W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, writer and historian. You can contact him via his website or email.

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