Monday, June 25, 2018

Vermont Renaissance Faire

This past weekend I attended the Vermont Renaissance Faire, this was located at the Mayo Events Fields, 80 Weeks Hill Rd. Stove Vt. It is the 3rd annual event of the faire, and the 2nd time I have attended. 

I learned several things over this trip.  One was to make sure your batteries in your camera are charged up.  Two, your back up camera (cell phone) should not be near full capacity. This is why some of the photos in the post are not top quality.

Stowe, Vt is located in a valley near Mount Mansfield and the Green Mountains. The view of this area is spectacular.

There are several notable celebrities that come from the area, but one of the most famous is a family who moved there. After they left Europe, The Von Trapp family, made famous by the movie and stage show “The Sound of Music” moved nearby. They opened a music camp in Stowe Vermont. 

The following are attractions, vendors and artists I saw at this faire. As normal with my posts, these represent a small fraction of what occurred at this faire. I recommend you check out the Vermont Renaissance Festival website and look at their Marketplace and Entertainment pages. 

Viking Encampment

There was a vary rare demonstration of Viking unarmed combat, called Glima. this version is Lausatök, or Løse-tak (loose grip) , the competitors grab each other's hand and neck before the match.  this form of wrestling, was once banned in Scandinavia for 100 years until recently.

Draugar Vinlands- This groups has gotten to be my favorite Viking living reenactors. This group’s knowledge of the Viking era is impressive. I learn something new each time I see their presentations. I did want to stay for their other demonstration, but due to the weather (see below about Spur of the Moments Jousting) I had to leave early.  I really wanted to this one, because I enjoyed the earlier very much.

Keith W. Willis- If you remember I saw him recently at the NY Capital District Renaissance Festival.
He is the author of the great books; "The Traitor Knights" and "Desperate Knight". 

Tintegels Gate- I always check out this vendor to see what wonderful products they are selling.

SCA provided information about their group
SCA- Shire of the Mountain Freehold- Readers of my post will remember how I am impressed with the SCA Society for Creative Anachronism. The Mountain Freehold is a member of this larger group. If you are interested in medieval/renaissance history, or simply want to learn a trade that was used in that era contact the SCA and find a chapter near you. The Mountain Freehold had an encampment and presentation, both of which were impressive.

The Penniless Jacks- A great musical group which will entertain the entire family. They are a band I like to see at these medieval/renaissance faires. 

Leanan Sidhe- - A group of very talented belly dancers. They are always a treat to see at these faires.

Shelli Buttons- I always marvel at how elegant and talented she is when she is performing her act. Be it walking on bottles, or up on the high wire silk. She also was selling her art at the faire.

L.I.A.R.S.- What a wonderful group of singers. Songbirds must be jealous of the voices of these lovely woman.  Check out their website for where they will appear next because you do not want to miss an opportunity to hear them.

The Grinning Dwarf- I never miss an opportunity to stop by and talk to them.  They sell some of the best products I see at these types of faires.

Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword- Anyone who has read a few of my posts knows how impressed I am with this group. If there is one historical demonstration you ever see in your entire life, make sure it is from the Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword.

Longshanks-This duo performs jokes, stories and even music, high above everyone else while they are on stilts.  You will get a nosebleed just looking at them

Made by Hand Leather- Anyone who have read only a few of my posts, know how good quality the products are here.  It is always a treat to talk to Caleb.

Hawk Studio- I had a wonderful time talking to him. He makes some incredible belts and pouches and other products. This is one of those vendors I will seek out in the future.

Wolves Den Forge- Maker of some wonderful custom knives. Readers of my post know how much respect I have for blacksmithing, and weapons makers, this is a talented individual. 

Lori L. MacLaughlin- A wonderful author of "Lady They Name is Trouble"

Hickory Arms- Sellers of some great wooden swords and shields. Really quality products here.  They always have the best looking tent at these faires.

Drumdaun Band- A trio of musicians, that really know how to play their instruments. This is the fist time I have ever seen them, and I need to seek them out at other faires and festivals.

Iron Grove Forge- I have seen him at several of these faires. He is very talented at his craft.

This photo of Spur of the Moment Jousting was taken at least years faire.

Moon Dragon Designs- Specializing in 100% handmade items,  now who doesn't like that!

Soap Kettle Creations- Producers and sellers of some wonderful all natural skin care products. Stacy Emerson works out of Hyde Park, Vt. Contact her via her email.

Spur of the Moment Jousting and Equestrial Martial Arts- This group puts on a wonderful joust which is the main attraction in any medieval/renaissance faire. They are truly talented in both riding and handling a lance. 

I am appologing personaly to the members of the Spur of the Moment Jousting.  I met some members of this group, and they are very professional at what they do.  Due to inclimate weather, and the distance I had to travel, I was unable to stay see their joust. However, this does not mean I cannot state how great this group really is.

The faire has so much more, such as:


Tent to buy souvenirs and also learn about other great events coming up.

This is the furthest I travel all year for a festival, it is over 3 hours one way. The quality of the Vermont Renaissance Faire attests  to the reason why I would make such a trip. This faire has a nice selection and balance of artists, entertainers and vendors. The promoters of this faire also put on the Winter Renaissance Faire in March, so please make plans to attend both faires next year. Also, these promoters are putting on Living History Expo on September 22 and 23. This is going to be a remarkable event; it will consist of living history exhibits and demonstrations encompassing human history. Check out their site for the history expo, plus a Steampunk Fantasy Masquerade Ball they are putting on later in the year. Also, do not forget to look at their sponsors page, these sponsors help put on festivals like these.

W.A.Rusho is a martial artists, professional wrestler and historian. You can reach him via his email, or website.

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  1. "Song birds must be jealous--" what a great endorsement, Bill. I didn't know that tidbit about the Von Trapps (okay, confession, I have never watched The Sound of Music.)