Thursday, June 14, 2018

NY Capital District Renaissance Festival

This past weekend, I attended the NY Capital District Renaissance Festival, this faire is located at Indian Ladder Farms, 342 Altamont Road, Altamont, NY.  Altamont is located a little outside of Albany, the capital of New York State.

This is the 5th year of this annual faire, and I have attended it numerous time. Each year I go, it gets bigger and bigger. This growing in size can be attributed to the promoters, and management of the faire, to their volunteers, and to those who are merchants and artists; each one of this group does a wonderful job.

There was so much to see and to be offered at this faire, so lets get right to it.

Vixens en Garde- The sword wielding, Shakespeare speaking lovely ladies of the stage.  They have been my favorite for years and years.  I am running on out words to describe how talented and wonderful they are.  If you get a chance to see them, DO NOT MISS THAT OPPORTUNITY.
The Vixens performed on the Adventure Stage.  Calypso was their leader who passed away last year. The stage where she had performed with the Vixens for so many years, was renamed in her honor.

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA, The Eastern Kingdom, The Concordia of the Snows I will often write about numerous local SCA groups I see at different faires, but this one is my favorite. They always but on a good fighting demonstration, and also have a great encampment area. Check out your local SCA, you can learn something about the medieval world, from fighting techniques to sewing.

Round Table Jousting- The joust is always the most popular part of a medieval/renaissance faire.  This one was no different, they entertained the crowd with their skill of lance and horse.

Dragon Ice Cream- One of my favorite vendors out there.  Go get some ice cream from a dragon, you will not be disappointed.

The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told- When at this faire, I never miss their show.  They are very talented and will leave you laughing and wanting for more.

Helderberg Meadworks- A local farm that produces some outstanding mead.  I always visit them when I see them at the faire.  See below about the pub crawl.

Keith W. Willis- A local author of “The Traitor Knight” and "Desperate Knight".  It is always a pleasure to see him.

Tatterdemalion – A staple at these faires, and the first I ever visited.  They sell some wonderful items at a good price, so check them out.

Made by Hand Leather- merchant and artist Caleb Hand, I have gotten to know over the years. Check out his Etsy site, or visit him at a local event. You will not be disappointed.

Teardrop Creations- I believe this is the very first Vendor I ever spoke to years ago, and I have seen them numerous times since.  It is a please to visit with them each and every time.  They produce some of the best jewelry I have seen at these faires, so check them out.

Viking Warrior Encampment- A group of re-enactors who recreate the era of the Vikings. They do a wonderful job, do not miss their encampments, or their fighting demonstrations.

Arden’s Artistry – maker and seller of some unite one of a kind jewelry and hair accessories.  These items are gorgeous.  I had just met her at the Mayfaire on the Green.

Cornerstone Creations- Readers of my posts will remember last year I bought a gargoyle from him at the Connecticut Renaissance Festival.  His items are great, and very reasonably priced.

Three Pints Shy- I have seen them at numerous events and faires.  I have never been disappointed by one of their performances.  Definitely check them out.

The Tepee Store- I have mentioned them numerous times over the years.  Their local store is a tepee shaped building.  They sell some wonderful, and unique items, make sure to check them out.

Diddlelydeets Scents- Another great merchant that I liked to visit. Producers of some wonderful items, such as soap and incense. Check them out and order some of their products today.

The Costumer- This is my go to place at Halloween, but they have so much more all year round. They can meet your needs whenever you want to dress up, or simply buy some supplies. Here you can buy your costume, or rent one. They now carry dancing accessories. They have two locations in the capitol district area.

Hereford Joinery and Cordwainers- They use the cordwainer in their name, which provides me a good opportunity to provide some information. A cordwainer was someone who made New shoes, boots from new materials.  You may think this is a cobbler, but that is someone who repairs shoes.  In this context, it is someone who also used to work in leather in Spain. You can reach them by email.

In terms of the context of Hereford Joinery and Cordwainers, the term was initially used for a worker in cordwain or cordovan, the leather produced in Spain.  No matter what you call them it was great to meat them and see their products. Contact Amber via email.

Shimmy Sisters- Belly dancers that are extremely talented at their art.

Tintagel Gate- go there for Medieval/Renaissance weapons and other products.  They are a wonderful group, and you should check out their website, and also find out  where they will be appearing next.

Aasguard Enterprises- At the festival you could try you hand at archery or using a crossbow.  If you notice one of the Vixens en Garde is seeing how good she is with a bow and arrow.

Crosby Handmade Knives- A wonderful blacksmith. He truly knows the skill and has the talent of making some great knives.

Aggressive Metalworks- They make some very impressive items.  You really need to check out his products and you will appreciate his skill as a blacksmith.

The Charmings- A beautiful group of storybook princesses(is there any other kind), that will entertain you with stories and songs. 

Knightly Endeavors- A seller of some wonderfully priced medieval/renaissance clothing. It is always a pleasure to speak to him at these faires.

I participated in a Pub Crawl.  You were given a small sampling mug with the faires emblem on it.  It was very enjoyable, and we got to sample different beverages made at the farm, and also from Helderberg Meadworks ( a begerage that was from cooperation between Helderberg Meadworks and Indian Ladder Farms).  Our guide was David Anthony Wayne Anderson from Three Pints Shy, who provided some very interesting information about the farm and also entertained the group.

At the Pub Crawl you got to meet the Queen.

Of course there were wonderful places to eat.

You may even run into Dr. Who and a Darlek. Actually, this is James Benini, Designer, fabricator of Fantastic Con Props, check out his wonderful, brilliant designs.
You could get a balloon animal from Balloon Ben, The Jester

Finally, Indian Ladder Farms- Where the festival is held. They are producers of some of the best products in New York State.  Make sure to check the product this farm produces, and if you are ever in the Capitol District area, go visit.

This faire is a treat to attend.  As I mentioned earlier, it is getting larger and larger each year. It is such a favorite of mine that I feel melancholy to leave, knowing it is an entire year before it happens again.
Make your plans now for next year.  Please check out their website, and also their sponsor page.

W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian.  You can reach him at his website, or via email.

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  1. I can totally get behind enjoying a bit of Dr Who at any fair! Intended to visit the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff on this current trip to Wales, but darn if they didn't close it last year. Your fair photos look like great fun as always!

  2. Thanks for including me. Always a pleasure to see you, and we'll likely meet again in VT this weekend for the VT Ren Faire.