Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Vermont Winter Renaissance Faire 2019

We all remember Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (1993) when he said that when Anton Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope.  Actually, this is not necessarily true (sorry Bill), my favorite quote from Chekov is “People don’t know whether its winter or summer when their happy.

Like a more benevolent Chekov, this is how the VermontWinter Renaissance makes you feel. It has been a long, cold, snowy winter where I live this year, and the Vermont Winter Renaissance faire made that winter feel a little brighter and warmer.  In the past, this faire was held for one day, due to past success it is now held for two.

As always, I must apologize for not including everyone I saw at this faire.  Trust me, the faire was immense, and time and space do not allow me to include everyone there.  I encourage each of you to go to the Vermont Renaissance Winter Faire website and look up each of these performers and vendors. They all are a great group of people.

I am not only putting out this blog post about the faire, I am also going to make a video about the faire and my experience there. medieval/renaissance faires. Here is the youtube video for this one.

So let’s get right to the faire because there is a lot to mention!

L.I.A.R.S (Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute, and Society)- This is one of my favorite group of singers.  I am unsure if I can say anything more than I have in the past, so I am going to repeat some words I said previously about this group: “Song birds are jealous of these woman’s voices”.

Greonnfell Meadery- Sponsor of this wonderful faire.  If you want some high quality meade, you have to check them out.

Woodsong Herbals- She sells some wonderful natural beauty products.  It was very nice to speak to her at this faire.

Van Ness Woodcrafts- Sellers of some great wooden mugs, tankards and wall plaques. These are some really impressive products.

Halfmoon Travel Clothing- Established in 1984. Vendors of well-crafted, beautiful clothing. 

Element Mountain- Tribal, Viking & Mt Man Handmade Crafts are all found with this merchant.

Kings Kollections- Sellers of some wonderful and unique fans and other renaissance accessories.

MoonCat and the Tailor- Cosplay & costuming for all of your events, be it superhero cosplay to medieval reenacting.

Boonie Weaver- I have seen her at other faires, it is a treat to see someone working at a loom.

Artesano- Maker and seller of some great mead.  I bought a bottle from him, and cannot wait to taste it.

Girl Scouts of America- A local chapter (troop 30030) of the girl scouts were there selling their wonderful cookies. I had to buy some thin mints.

Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword- This is my all-time favorite group of educators and fighting reenactors.  When you see their performance not only will you be amazed by their skill, talent with weapons, you will learn something.  Educating the audience is what separates this group from many others. If you have not, you must seek this group out to fully appreciate how good they truly are.

Shelli Buttons- I always call her Shelli Cute as a Button. She has a great act, be it juggling, balancing or high on the aerial silk. Another performer I never miss.

Made by Hand Leather- I always take the time to see if Caleb Hand at a faire that I am attending.  I have bought items from him in the past, am I am always satisfied with the product. If you go to a faire, check to see if he is there, great items at a great price.  You definitely will read more about him over the year at upcoming faires.

Leanan Sidhe- A wonderful Vermont-based dance troupe pulling from tribal belly dance and theatrical dance traditions.

Tintagel’s Gate- Another great vendor, I have bought many swords, daggers etc. from them.  They offer so much more than weaponry, check their site out to see all their great product line.

Shire of Mountain Freehold, Shire of Panther Vale (Society for Creative Anachronism)-  These groups, as with other SCA groups, are medieval/renaissance reenactors.  They practice, and perform, with numerous weapons, armory and archery, while some research and practice typical skills of the era such as sewing, pottery etc.  If you are interested, check here to find a SCA near you.

Wolf’s Den Armory- Creators of some wonderful maile items, from jewelry to armor.

A Single Pebble- Great Chinese food at a great price and made with the finest ingredients. 

Drumming Beatle- Out of Richford, Vt.  The make fabric fruits and vegetables.Fabric tea set, aprons and other cloth accessories

Burlington Irish Heritage Festival- What it sounds.  A Burlington Vt group that celebrates their Irish ancestry.

Blue Dragon Collectibles- It was really great speaking to her at the faire. She sells some wonderful items such as miniature sculpted items.  Check out her products.

Auntie   Arwen’s Spices- What a vast and wonderful selection of spices and herbs. I bought a sampler pack from them, and I don’t even cook that much.

Ramble Tree Art Apparel- Original Art & Designs by Reagh Greenleaf Jr., Clothing, Gifts and Decor.

Phoenix Books- Of course they sell unique and wonderful books, but also so many other great items too.

Adventure Awaits- They sell some great cards and buttons.  Really cool products.

Lori l. McLaughlin- A great author.  She had written some great books such as Lady They Name is Trouble and The Road Once Taken.

Valkyrie Vanguard - A friend I first met at the very first medieval faire I attended. They sell many items from maile armor to crystals and wands. Check out their page for all of their great items.

Kiss Designs- Sellers of some great corsets and other wonderful products. 

O’h Anleigh- A talented musical group.  I see them at several faires, and they truly are amazing.

Manic Mart- He makes some very unique and outstanding masks. Was fun talking to him at the faire.

Vintage Photography Emporium- Using a green screen and other techniques, you photo can take you back in time.  

Iron Grove Forge- The specialize in re-purposing materials to create new and wonderful tools and art. Readers of my posts know how I am impressed with blacksmiths, and this is one of the best.
The Felting Studio-  They sell tapestry’s and felting supplies.  Check out their wonderful products on their website. 

The Longshanks- High above the audience on stilts they will amaze you with their ability at storytelling and music.  If this pair does not bring a smile to your face, seek medical attention.

McFadden Academy of Irish Dance- A wonderful group of young dancers. Irish dance is very demanding, and requires discipline, dedication and talent, they girls have all those attributes.

The Penniless Jacks- A great musical group that I see at many of the medieval/renaissance faires I attend. They are truly amazing.

The Vermont Renaissance Winter Festival, and the Vermont Renaissance Festival (held in June) are the two faires I travel the furthest each year.  The reason I do is because they are so outstanding.  Everyone associated with this faire from the promoters, staff, entertainers and vendors, all do what they can to make this event very special.

I recommend that you make plans to attend next year, and also to go to the Vermont renaissance festival one June 22nd & 23rd held at 80 Weeks Hill Rd, Stowe, Vermont. Vermont Gatherings put on numerous events throughout the year, so check out each one. Do not miss an opportunity to attend these faires.

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W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You can reach him via email, or by his website.


  1. Thanks from O'hAnleigh for the sweet comments! So glad you enjoy our music. See you at the next Faire!

  2. Thanks for the mention! Love the video and article, it perfectly captures how fun this Faire was!