Sunday, June 13, 2021

Robin Hood's Faire 2021


Its has been so long since I wrote a blog dealing with medieval/renaissance faire. In fact, the last time was the Vermont Winter Renaissance faire back in January of 2020.

We all have been insolated and confined in an effort to delay and remove the COVID Pandemic. It has made me more appreciative of going out to events, like the faires I used to attend.

The Robin Hood’s Faire located at Harwinton Fairgrounds, 150 Locust Road, Harwinton, Ct, began May 22 and runs until June 20th, is the first faire I attended this year.

You can read about my attending it in 2018.  This faire was cancelled I 2019 and was to reamerge last year, but read the 2nd paragraph.  It was good to see this faire back operating and I enjoyed going to it and seeing old friends and making new one.

So lets get right to vendors and entertainment of the faire:

Vixens En Garde- I will restate what I usually say about them, they are my all time favorite.  One of the first acts I saw at the beginning of my medieval/renaissance faire saga.  They never disappoint, reciting Sharkespeare with action and comedy.  This time they had new members performing, and they never missed a beat.  Do not miss any opportunity to see the all female fighting troupe.

The Hoop Enchantress- Erin Jeannier, queen of the hoops is a great act to watch. I am very impressed with her talent as she spins, dances with hoops.  Truly amazing.

The Jackdaws- this is an act I have seen in the past.  Truly amazing and entertaining.  They performed Rock Irish music, and trust me when I say they are one of the best bands you can see at these festivals.

Aaron Bonk- Using fire, whips, swords and anything else he can get his hands on, he will entertain the entire family. If the use of whips and swords do not entertain you, his comedy will.

The Harlot Queens- I had the pleasure of being able to listen to this group.  Their harmonies and humor were some of the best I have heard.

Knights of Gore-This group o had an encampment and shows throughout the day. You could also visit and learn sword fighting techniques.

The Harper and the Minstrel- A duo I have seen at several faires.  I am so impressed with the talent of this pair of performers. Truly a do not miss show.

Auntie Arwen’s Spices- If you need any kind of spice and so much more, then this is the place to go. You will be amazed at the selection, and the price!

Cornerstone Creations- One of my favorite people to go visit at the faire. He makes some wonderful creations out of concrete.

They had a parade

DeRosas Boots- You need some leather boots or accessories, then start your search here.

Dragon Nest Designs- Maker of some wonderful handmade jewelry. A nice regular of the faires I attend.


Valkyrie Vanguard- Friends I have not seen in a long time.  They sell some wonderful flowered crowns and head wreaths. Definingly check out their products.

Warlords Crusade Armory- Great hand made leather armor. I had a wonderful conversation with them at the faire.

We Keep you in Stitches- Great talent in creating these hand made creatures. I bought a wonderful gift from them for someone at work.

Knightly Endeavors- Another friend I have missed speaking to over the last year. They sell wonderful clothing for every knight or lady.

Jester’s Bazaar Candy- Be it new, or classic candy, they have it.

Paradise Coach- Seller of some pretty amazing jewelry, specializing in tiaras.

The video I created about the faire including a quick scene from Spur of the Moment Jousting

Black Swan Armory- They sell wooden swords and shields. A great staple at the faires I attend.

Mischief and Mirth- Leather masks galore and so much more.

Paws and Reflect- Hand made candles.  Best part, a portion of the proceeds go to animal shelters and recues.

Ye Old Fudge Lady- Who can resist homemade fudge, I can't.

Fun Times Jewelry- Jewelry made for fun times.

Lame Horse Creations- A vendor I first saw at the Summer Solstice Renaissance Faire in 2019. They specialize in handmade dragons, fairy wings, clothing, plushes, paper crafts and so much more. 

3 Friendly Vikings- Cannot defend yourself against 3 Vikings that sell coffee and donuts.

Festival Fotos- This is one of my favorites.  I have seen them at numerous faires. Get your picture taken with your costume, or rent on from them.

MysfitStyls- Wonderful artisans of woodcraft and jewelry. 

There was a star danced- A great place to buy beautiful lanterns

Emazanti Creations- Sellers of some wonderful clothing for both men and woman.

There was so much more at the Robin Hoods Faire, I suggest you go to their website and look at the list of vendors and performers, you will not regret it.

I am glad that the time of the pandemic is beginning to end, however, I do wish each of you to still practice proper COVID procedures. So that you will enjoy the upcoming faires and read about them here.

W.A. Rusho is a pro wrestler, author and historian, you can contact him via his website or email.

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