Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Robin Hood's Faire

I attended the Robin Hoods Faire, which is located at 318 Seven Bridge Rd. Lancaster, Ma.  This is the 2nd time I have attended this particular faire, you can read about that experience on a previous blog.
some pets were small...

Some were bigger

The faire has different themes, and this weekend was the “Pet Weekend”, there were numerous dogs and other pets, some of them dressed in medieval clothing.

So let’s get right to the things I saw and did over the faire.

Three Pints Shy-This is a wonderful group which is a staple at many faires I attend. They will sing and entertain you during their entire performance.

Dragon Ice Cream- You will be served with some wonderful ice cream by people in dragon outfits. They are very enjoyable and fun.

Knightly Endeavors- One of my favorite shops to see at these faires. Some wonderful prices for some very good quality medieval/renaissance attire.

Hitting and Stabbing Emporium- A great time for anyone who wants to try to learn the art of being a knight, or shoot arrows at someone else (in a safe environment).

Green River Woodcraft- A crafter of some wonderful custom made achery bows and other wood items.

The Amazing Xavier: Mentalist and Hypnotist:  This was the first time I ever saw this performer. A great act.

Join The Merry men- A stage show where children in the audience can go on stage to meet Robin and his Merry Men.

Tintagels Gate- this is another vendor which I have seen at numerous faires. They sell some wonderful weapons and items, some of which are impossible to get anywhere else. Great vendor and do not miss an opportunity to visit them.

Drunk & Disorderly- A great band that is made up of different members of other groups.  The lead singer had a sore throat so was unable to sing many songs, but, their skill and talent at playing their instruments is unmatched. Do not miss an opportunity to listen to this group, and their induvial groups.

Spur of the Moment Joust Company- A jousting group which I have seen at numerous festivals. This group is amazing and their skill on horseback is unmatched. They are definitely on top of my do not miss list.

Medieval Maiden Soaps- Producer of some unique hand crafted soaps with no artificial coloring.

Lusty Leather- A producer/seller of some wonderful leather (and other) products.  A wonderful group of people who work here.

There were many other things to do at the faire, such as...

Donkey Rides, provided by TripledaleFarms

Participate in the May Pole

Visit with Thimbleberry the Woodsprite.

You may even run into Robin and Marian .

The Robin Hoods Faire is a wonderful event, there you will find entertainment, merchants and games for the entire family.  It runs until May 28th, so you still have time to plan your visit.

W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You may reach him via his website or email.


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  1. I like the idea of being served ice cream by a dragon! Seems these vendors all have great senses of humor!