Thursday, November 14, 2013


Since writing is a new adventure to me, I thought I would share the process that I went through, and will go through.
Some people have asked me about my writing process.  I thought this would be a good time to discuss it since my novel has just been submitted to my publisher.  I will describe the initial steps I took to write my novel.
My process is designed in stages.  Some of these stages overlap, which others stand alone, unaffected by the others. This process is completed even before I think about trying to contact a publisher.
1.       Write.  I like to begin writing the story as soon as I can.  Some writers use templates or lay out the story before they write.  I just like to write.  I have the story in my head, and then I input scenes as they come to me.
2.       Research. In some of my stories, I like to add specific details on a topic or area. This is when I look up the information and then add details to the story.
3.       After writing the initial story, I will then read the entire story.  At this point, I try to correct glaring errors or misspellings in the story.  This is where I may also add more scenes. I may also expand or decrease my descriptive language in the novel.
4.       Use an editing program.  There are numerous editing programs, which will review your stories and then suggest changes.  I do not dot run entire stories through these programs, but merely paragraphs.  This allows me to pay more attention to minute details than looking at the entire story.
5.       Let someone else read it.  This is a very important during the process.  Let a friend or colleague read your story.  A plot or twist may be apparent to you, but is sometimes lost in your writing.  Let them criticize your work, and adjust it if needed.
6.       If you have on, let your editor read it first.  Some authors like to hire editors to look over their manuscripts. These editors will know the writing styles of the authors and make suggestions, not just about misspellings, but also about the style itself.  For someone who has an editor (which I do not), they are a valuable asset.
Those are my initial steps in writing.  I will continue the blog with the process I will go through with my publishing company.  I must add the Safkhet Publishing has been very helpful to me in my new endeavor.

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