Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The BIG DAY is almost here: Release of my novel

The big day is arriving; the day that my novel will be released.

I thought I would interrupt my current blog subject about promoting; and I will now do a different type of promoting by posting the press release for my upcoming novel.

As readers of my blog, you understand I am not into blowing my own horn, so this press release is a useful tool. This allows me to forward what my publisher is stating about me, without me sounding arrogant or indulging my ego. As I stated in my previous blog, once you start promoting, you are no longer an author, you are a salesman.

I hope that this diversion from my regular blog is not too much of a distraction for you from my normal blog subjects; and you will enjoy reading it

Wilhelmshaven – Safkhet Publishing

Safkhet Publishing and medieval history author W.A. Rusho present the Safkhet fantasy series Tales of the Mystic Knights with the release of the first book of the series: Legend of the Mystic Knights, to be published as an eBook on 15 August 2014.


An evil has been released upon the world, and as a result, mankind’s development has stagnated in the Middle Ages. To fight the evil and protect the world, an order of elite knights was created: the Mystic Knights of the Dead Killers. William Cloverleaf, a young man with a hidden past, joins the order as a page. Starting at the lowest rank, William is tested mentally and physically. His trails are difficult but soon he excels above all others, rising to the top of his class. An attack of monsters on the headquarters leaves many dead, one of which is William’s best friend. To avenge the death of his friend and of the others lost to these monsters, William vows to rid the world of evil.

Will William succeed in his quest of vengeance? Will he fulfill the prophecy that one will come to destroy the evil once and for all? Find out in the first book of the Tales of the Mystic Knights in Legend of the Mystic Knights.

Although Legend of the Mystic Knights is a fantasy novel, it also depicts a realistic description of medieval life. Weapons and fighting techniques used are not simply sword fighting; the novel describes different forms of weapons and specifically how each is used in combat. Not only are knights and castles described in the novel, so is ordinary people and how they lived. There are vivid accounts on how non-royal citizens engaged in their everyday living. Their clothes, tools and how they conducted themselves is described with details worthy of a history schoolbook.

About the Author:

Many people have a day when they come into their own. Sometimes it was when they first played a sport, others when they found a calling. For W.A. Rusho, it was when he was in the military, where he discovered the dedication and commitment that he lacked earlier in life. Through dedication he found confidence. This sense of commitment and confidence he applied to everything.

Following his military career, he pursued degrees in Criminal Justice and Communication Arts, and became a private investigator. W.A.Rusho is also a professional wrestler, a 3-time inductee into the United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame.

Bill believes in applying real life knowledge and experience to writing, and that it is important to be true to reality as much as possible, even when writing fiction.  

Will SuttonSafkhet Publishing ........................................................................................

Again, I want to thank my publisher and all of you who have given me support and congratulations.  I truly appreciate it.


  1. Good luck with your novel William and best wishes.. Biljana

  2. Exciting stuff! Press release reads well...I tweeted it too, so best of luck.

  3. I appreciate your nice comments, and also you tweeting this Jacquie.

  4. That is so exciting William! I'm right behind you with a business non-fiction book release. The publisher is somewhat behind and that's making me a bit ansy.

    Good luck with sales!

  5. That is way cool William. I think the press release is great. I do wish you the greatest success with this. :-)

  6. Fabulous! I love books that not only tell a good story but also gives realistic details about the period. And especially the lives of the common people. Congratulations and good luck!

  7. Congratulations; very exciting times for you. Have you got the second instalment written yet or is that in the works?

  8. Congratulations William - I am so pleased for you. Will be following your career very closely.

  9. Hi William,

    How exciting this must be for you. My son is an author and business owner and I know how hard he works on his stories, so I say that to express my appreciation for you getting this far.

    Your story sounds fantastic!!!!! I wish you the absolute best and hope it exceeds your wildest dreams!

    ~ Don Purdum

  10. Good times indeed :) Salesmanship comes kicking and screaming into the lives of many of us writers, but alas, it's a must. Best of luck.

  11. Congratulations!! The press release is great. Wishing you success. RTd your tweet about the great news.

  12. Congratulations! It is so exciting seeing all your hard work come to life. I like the press release, It seems like you've dipped your hand in quite varied things and I wish you luck with this new venture.

  13. Exciting times and best of luck with the launch. I am also interested in the idea of tackling a book - hopefully beginning in the fall - and the work and success of others in this group serves as an inspiration. The press release appears to effectively whet the appetite. Congratulations and all the best, William!

  14. Congratulations, William. Shared on Twitter, too. :)

    Oh, and re: your blog - can you get rid of the Captchas?

  15. Congrats William and all the best with the novel. The best is yet to come!

  16. Congrats again! Really sounds like a cool story you have there. Nice name, btw. Hopefully William Cloverleaf reads as tough as he sounds in your press release. Sharing to spread the word.