Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Year in Review: Promoting the Novel

Let us continue with how my novel came into being. Legend of the Mystic Knights  was released, and now came the part to promote it.

In my previous blog, I had stated that Safkhet Publishing had provided a press release to go along with the release of my novel. It was a standard press release with information about me, the novel and about the publisher; it also included websites that included information about each.

Safkhet is a European publisher, so their points of contact with the media are based there. Living in New York, I did more research and located numerous news agency located in my area. Modifying the press release, so I was described as more of a local author, I sent them out to these news agencies.

I decided to reach out to book clubs. Using more research, I located books clubs throughout the area, and also internet book clubs, which read fantasy novels. I sent the press release to these, and had some success, as a couple of them forwarded the press release to their members.

This blog was also a valuable resource, especially in terms of the press release. Once I posted my press release here, I was now able to simply post a link on Facebook and LinkedIn. A simple description on these sites and a person could then click the link to view the press release.

The press release got sent out to as many people, organizations and websites that I could think of. With the press release out there, it was now time to promote the novel. Promoting has two purposes, to introduce people to your produce and to keep interest in it after the initial release.

The web became a vital source of information in terms of promotion. With research, you can find numerous free sites, which will let you post information about your novel. Read the requirements for these sites before you post, and you will find they will benefit you greatly.

Twitter is another excellent way to get the word out about your novel. Every time I updated my blog, usually once a week, I would tweet about it with a link to my blog. I soon had numerous followers from twitter, so the word about my blog, and then novel, spread.

The next step was to get the two “views”, reviews and interviews. My first interview was not that difficult, for I had done numerous interviews as a wrestler, and I used the contacts I had made to get my initial interview as an author.

By emailing numerous sites, I was able to get additional web interviews. These interviews consist of posting my responses to questions. Although they are simple in design, they do provide a format for an author to reach more readers.

I also emailed numerous websites asking if they would review my novel. I got a response and a review, which were 3 of 5 stars. I actually like this review, and no matter how many others I ever get; this will always be my first.

Links to my interview and review:

Review:  http://fantasyguide.stormthecastle.com/reviews/legend-of-the-mystic-knights.htm  

Interview: https://sheerak.wordpress.com/tag/legend-of-the-mystic-knights  

Let me take this opportunity to thank the above sites for taking the time and posting the review and interview. I also want to thank you for visiting my blog, and as always; you are invited to leave a comment.

So we have taken another step along the road of being an author, we will continue this journey next week, and then we will get back to medieval times.


  1. Nice review by Fantasy Guide William and congratulations all round. I know I have said that before but you had quite a year and hopefully it will get better in 2015.

  2. Nice review! So a big high five for that...they aren't always so easy to come by! Looks like you re headed in the right direction...one step at a time, right? It will come together because you have gone to great pains to research what you need to do.... hang in there!

  3. You really promoted your book the right ways. First you started by building up anticipation and kept that going until it was published and then spread the news that it was published on social media and got reviews. Blogging is, in my opinion. absolutely essential for a writer.

  4. Did the press release work for you? How did it help? Many people in PR are questioning the value of press releases so I'm curious if you feel it was worthwhile..

    1. It is hard to determine this, I did not get any interviews or press from this. However, any publicity is good publicity. You never know who sees them, so if they bought the book, it might of helped.
      As I stated though, I modified the press release and did get it forwarded by a book club to its members, so that might of helped a bit.

  5. This is a great layout for others wanting to promote their book. You really researched each step before taking it but that's not surprising. I was constantly amazed at the research you did for your book, obviously you're going to give the same detail to promotion. Good luck.

  6. Nice review! Well done and congrats. Keep it up x

  7. This is so helpful! I'll also be promoting my first book soon, and it's so helpful to see how you did it! Thank you!

  8. You did a good job in promoting your book. Your story provides a good road map for other writers. Wishing you lots of success with the book.

  9. Wow, it sounds like writing the novel was the easy part so far!

  10. It's nice to see that your journey is bringing success with it. It can be a difficult road for authors.

  11. So much goes into promoting a book, certainly more then the actual writing time since marketing never ends.

  12. Good for you! It's all a matter of networking and using your circles, personal and virtual, and promoting away. And it's great that you got some rave reviews - you're obviously doing something right!