Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I had mentioned I may be going to a medieval fair over the weekend, unfortunately this did not occur. I however, was able to go to a Living History event and a Fair. This is my comments on both.

The Time Line of World HISTORY Weekend located at Schuler Flatts Park in MENANDS, NY.  Over the last several years I have tried to attend a Civil War Days here, this has now changed to include other periods of History.

I was able to visit a tent by the Civil War Medical Coalition. They displayed numerous artifacts used in medicine during the battles in that time. Although, medicine had advanced during that century, it was still unsanitary compared to today’s standards.

Also I visited the tents for the Watervliet Historical Society and the Historical Society of the Town of Colonie; this is the location of the event. Both groups are dedicated to appreciate and promote the history of the area.

This event featured different sections of history, I saw Civil War reenactors, and also one person dressed in Ancient Roman gear. While I was there I saw a skirmish conducted by several World War II reenactors.

One of the vendors was the Knowlton Sutlers. A sutler is a peddler who follows an army and sells his product out of a wagon or tent. Knowlton Sutlers had a wide selection of unique and historical items.

After visiting this event, I drove to the Altamont Fair. This is located just outside of Albany, NY.

This was a wonderful fair, which I enjoyed attending, it hosted many wonderful events and rides that you would associate with such a fair.
I was able to meet Daniel Crowler of Oak and Acorn Ancient Metalcrafts a blacksmith who also does historical reproductions with re-enactment equipment of the era. It was a pleasure to meet someone so informed and knowledgeable about medieval blacksmithing and hopefully I will be able to use his knowledge in upcoming books.

One of the best events I saw was  the Coronas Circus Hollywood.

The Coronas family is a multi-generation of circus performers. The show they put on there was spectular, every single performer was outstanding. These acts included a chair balancer, horse trainer and a performer on the Wheel of Death (also known as the Space Wheel). Before the circus began, Bibi the clown entertained the audience and got them motivated and performed between acts when they adjusted or changed the equipment.

The following are acts which I thought was particularly exciting and entertaining.

Aerial silk- This is a type of performance in which an artist performs area acrobatic while hanging from a fabric. This act was elegant and mesmerizing and was a joy to watch.

Hooping- The performer, Crystal Coronas, was very entertaining using hula hoops, some of her act was set to Afro Circus/ I live to move it, from the film Madagascar 3. The conclusion of her act she performed with more hula hoops than I could count.

Since I brought this up I wanted to mention about Hula Hoops. Many people think it was an invention of the 1950’s; this is mostly because of an episode of M.A.S.H. when one of the characters sees a Korean child using a piece of pipe made into a hope, and he tries to sell the idea back to a toy company in America. Actually the hula hoop, called simply a hoop could date back to around 1,000 B.C. in Egypt. These hoops were made of dried reeds. In the 14th century a fad of using a hoop spread around England, it was used as a form of exercise. The name Hula was added in the 19th century by sailors returning from Hawaii, who said the Hula dance resembled someone using a hoop.

The final performance was on a high wire act. The two performers were the best I have ever seen. The woman showed considerable strength holding her partner on her shoulders while on the wire.  Not to be outdone, he carried her from the high wire to the ground on a wire set at a 45 degree angle. This act concluded a wonderful circus and I hope I get the opportunity to see them again.

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  1. I've been seriously considering getting involved in some events like these. My novel that is currently on hiatus features a leather tanning mountain man and it would be cool to join the mountain man society (not sure of exact name, but last month's Nat Geo had a write-up about it.)

    1. There are probably lots of people who do this. I know that hunting with Black Powder had completely vanished, until the movie "Jeremiah Johnson" came out, and suddenly everyone was into it. I know there is lots of information about how mountain men lived, good luck

  2. Looks like a great event - something for all the family.

    Interesting that the hula hoop dates that far back. I recall spending many a time trying to win hula hoop competitions with my friends.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the fair and many of the attractions, William. At the moment I'm a bit ambivalent about how society worked in medieval times because the main problems we face in the world are caused by people wanting to turn back time to those days. And they are active everywhere. Not only in the countries where there are wars because of it. Come across brainwashed people in Sweden who believe what they say even when it goes against facts.

  4. These both sounds like so much fun and so very interesting. That's a really enlightening piece of information about the hula hoop!

  5. Gotta say I'm a little jealous William because there seems to always be something going on in your part of the country. While there are definitely pluses to living on an Island, you really are left to entertain yourself for the most part. That was fascinating about the Hula Hoop - had no idea!

  6. Both fairs sound like they were a lot of fun. I think it would interesting to see reenactments of such different periods of history at the same event.

  7. I love seeing circus acts. It's amazing to see people do those tricks with so much ease.

  8. William, I encourage you to write a post about your interest in the Civil War. Per the recent Confederate flag brouhaha, the Civil War is still somewhat controversial 150 years after it happened. Do you subscribe to the conventional view that the North was 'the good side' and the South was 'the bad side'? Alternatively, do you see any merit or justification in the South's secession?

  9. Hi William, I was fascinated by the blacksmith who did the historical reproductions with re-enactment equipment. That must have taken some time to learn - probably also required a lot of patience. Amazing what you find - and share - at these fairs.

  10. I never knew the history of the hula hoop so thank you for the education. I actually take aerial silk classes for exercise. Oh my gosh, it works your entire body. I am always so sore the next day. The Coronas Circus Hollywood sounds like they would put on a good show, because it sounds like they do a little bit of everything.

  11. Aren't re-enactors wonderful? they can really bring a historic site to life. too bad you missed the medieval festival, as I've been to a couple of those and they are incredible.

  12. Sounds like things worked out even though you could not go to a medieval fair. I was surprised that the hula hoop has been around since around 1,000 B.C. in Egypt. I knew it got it's name from the sailors in Hawaii so just assume it came out in the late 50's early 60's. When I was young it was all the rage.

  13. I always learn something interesting from your posts, William. I'd never heard the word Sutler before. Sounds like you had a great time at both events!

  14. My husband and I used to have a weekend home in upstate New York, which is actually very rural from downstate and the opposite of the bustle of New York City. We went to many summer fairs and antique shows held in large open fields. It's like going back in time, in a good way, and I still own many of the artifacts I bought back then.