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Trapped in a Zombie World- Part II

This is our story so far:  The narrator had been attacked and bitten by a strange looking man. The narrator then fell into a basement and faded into unconsciousness. After awaking, he found he could not control his body, which now moved around by itself. If you have not read part I it is located here.

                The narrator of our story listened to a broadcast that stated the recently dead became reanimated and was attacking the living.  Is our narrator one of these zombies? Now the conclusion of “Trapped in a Zombie World”.

Warning: This story does have some intense parts and may not be suitable for everyone, so viewer (reader) discretion is advised. Unlike part I, this section does describe more intense scenes of cannibalism.  If you ignored the warning before reading part I, you will ignore this one too, so enjoy!

Trapped in a Zombie World-Part II
I wanted to watch more of the television program, but my body had different plans and moved away from the store, heading off in its own direction. How long I walked I do not remember for I just simply watched what passed by. My body stumbled and staggered down the street with a determination as if it was a knight on a quest. I had no idea what it was my body was seeking as I was stuck inside for the ride.

The hunger pains continued and increased in their severity, and it also appeared as those pains controlled the movements of my body. The hunger was so painful; I tried to ignore it, but with every second it grew and grew. I was screaming inside my mind, trying to stop the pain, but there was no mercy for me and the hunger continued to grow.

                There was yelling and screaming that seemed to come somewhere nearby, a few blocks away maybe. These noises were somehow calling my body to them as it now quickened its pace. My legs moved faster and faster to the screams, as if the screams were sirens calling my body to them, and it was unable to resist their tempting song.

                As we (my body and mind) neared, I could see now where the screaming was coming from. There were numerous people trying to get away from some attackers, the attackers who had the same dead appearance as I had. I could see their victims screaming and yelling as they were trying to get away from them. Several of these victims were surrounded by the attackers who grabbed them and pulled them to the ground. When the victims were on the ground, they were then pounced upon by the attackers. It was in this instance, which gave some of the others a chance to run away.

                There was a young woman in the group whom I had noticed quite a bit before, that was before I was dead.  She would come into the coffee shop near where I worked. We would be in there to get our coffee at the same time.

When she entered the coffee shop, I use to stand near here and smell her perfume, which seemed to overwhelm the air and gave it meaning. She was very attractive and I often tried to speak to her, but I knew she was out of my league, and therefore, I lacked the courage. From her conversations with others in the coffee shop I did over time learn that her name was Ann. 

                Ann now tried to bolt away from her attackers, and seemed to head toward me.  I thought to myself that I could help her. Maybe we both could go somewhere to hide, where it was safe, it was this desire to help her that made me forget that I was no longer in control.

                She saw me and suddenly turned to the side and tried to run in that direction as if my appearance repelled her automatically. In her panic, she rammed into and stumbled over a fire hydrant, and she fell hard upon the street and sidewalk.

                I found myself standing over her and staring down at her. I wanted to reach down to help her up, to carry her to safety, but my demented body had other goals in mind. My hands reached down and with my now sharp and over grown fingernails grabbed her white blouse. I tore her blouse open; I could hear the broken buttons hit the sidewalk and then scatter about. Ann began to scream, a scream that seemed to pierce my ears and echo inside my brain.

                I saw Ann’s eyes, as she looked right into mine.  Her eyes showed sheer terror coupled with a sign of “Please, don’t” in them. Here face which I thought was so beautiful, was now a face etched with pure fear.  It was a fear that was directed and focused onto me.

                Her shirt was ripped open wide now and revealed her white bra, and her skin.  I thought how soft and tender her skin was. I was revolted and aroused by the hideous act that my hands had just done to her.

                My arousal in my actions soon turned into self-loathing. I then saw my fingers drive into her stomach. My fingernails ripped peirced her skin and tore it apart, like how one opens a bag of chips. Ann’s screams now turned into yells of pain as I found my hands ripping and probing deep into her stomach. I could feel the sensation of her blood, skin and muscles on my fingers as they continued to rip and tear.

                STOP, STOP, STOP, OH MY GOD JUST STOP,” I yelled inside my brain, but it was fruitless. My hands disregarded my pleas and continued to tear apart the flesh on her stomach.

                Ann was trying to stop me from attacking and tearing at her, but she was not strong enough. My hands continued the unwanted violation of her abdomen. They split open the muscles on her stomach and ripped them apart as if it was tearing through tissue paper. Her once bright white bra was now tainted and colored in crimson.

                At that moment our eyes met again, the dead eyes I own and the living vibrant eyes of Ann. I could tell that she knew she was going to die, and her eyes were asking me for sympathy in granting her a fast painless death, but my body would not grant her any. I could see tears running down her check and falling onto the pavement and then evaporate like a summer sprinkle on a hot day.

                Forgive me, please forgive me,” I cried, pleaded to her in my mind, “it’s not my fault, please forgive me.”

                Stop, please just stop now, please,” I was begging with all my concentration to my body, thinking I could end this assault on Ann. My body continued without any recognition of my commands. My body now seemed like a ravenous animal, mad in its attack upon beautiful Ann. My fingers were clawing at her stomach, pulling them apart to reveal all the organs inside.

                GOD, MAKE THIS STOP,” I screamed, trying to look up to the sky, but my body was still determined to rip Ann apart. I was so frustrated and angry that I was trying to tear apart my mind inside my head, trying to kill myself from within, but nothing I did seem to stop the carnage toward Ann. I then just wanted to ignore what was going one, but I was incapable of closing my eyes, unable to turn my gaze away from what my own body was doing. 

                The screams from Ann were so loud, so piercing they seemed to burn inside my brain.  I thought that these screams would last forever, but, then there was no sound from her.

                Ann was barely breathing now, and like her screams that soon stopped. I never had the courage to speak to this lovely woman, but she was ripped apart and killed by my own hands.  She died there on the street; no friends, or relatives were there to comfort her, no friends or relatives to mourn for her.

                My fingers began reaching deep into her stomach cavity and then pulled out some of her intestines. I wanted to vomit, but instead of being revolted my body seemed to be enthralled by this nauseating act. My hands frantically began ripping and pulling poor Ann’s intestines out.

                I cannot describe the horror and terror that happened next with any words that would give it the proper meaning.  What I was about to experience was worse than any nightmare ever dreamt.

                My hands grabbed the intestines, pulled them out and then placed them inside my mouth, and I began chewing on them. I could taste the saltiness of her blood and the rubbery texture of her intestines on my tongue.  My only response to this was to gag inside my mind, but my body reveled in the consumption of her flesh. The orgy of human food continued, and I was forced to feel every texture, and every taste of her flesh.

I was no longer hoping that somehow I would be helped, for now I simply wanted to die. I was stuck inside this body being both a witness, and an unwilling accomplish to this vile action. I was so repulsed of the scene that I had not noticed that the pains of hunger I had felt earlier had vanished.

                After it had his fill of Ann, my body began moving again, I had no idea where. I was being chauffeured around inside my body and unable to have any say where to go or what to do. This went on for several days. During this time, I did not sleep, nor my body rested.

My mind yearned for sleep, but it did not come. My mind became exhausted to where it was almost hard for me to think, to express my disdain over the actions that my body was taking. This body which once was a vital part of me, was me, now was the enemy. This enemy was the worst type for it betrayed a friend, like Judas or Brutus, except the one it betrayed was itself.

                There was a weird sensation on my skin. My skin began to turn even tanner and browner in color now. I could feel pain over my entire body as if it was the sensation of a cut or a wound that would not heal.  I then noticed a sickening odor, a rotting odor that filled my nostrils.  It was sometime before I realized what I was smelling was my own body.  My skin was now rotting, and I could smell the stench; I could taste it in my mouth. My body seemed not to notice, or was unable to sense that the skin and muscle around it were disintegrating and decomposing. 

Flies soon came and buzzed and flew about me. If their flying wasn’t irritating enough, they then began landing on my skin. I could feel them crawling on me, hundreds of minute legs scattering around on my skin. They moved around on my skin and into my nose, mouth and eyes. The flies soon were vomiting on me to get morsels of my flesh as their meal. My mind was screaming as I felt these numerous itches over my body, and I was unable to scratch my skin. The itch caused by the decaying skin and flies was almost unbearable to endure. The flies became torturers and tormentors as they inflicted hundreds of injuries on me with a constant barrage which would have made a living man break.

My body walked and walked with no determination or reasoning to the direction it traveled.  It soon left the center of town and was making its way to the residential areas of the city. Although I had visited this area before, I was unaware exactly where I was.

The noise of a loud BANG erupted into my ears, and a fraction of a second later, the shoulder of my body was hit with a bullet. I could feel the horrible burning pain of the bullet inside my body; it felt like someone had set me on fire. I felt the pain of the flesh when it was torn apart from my body. The bullet seemed to have little or no effect on the function of my body as it still continued to walk.

There was a man holding a rifle in an upper window of a house.  He was shooting at the mass number of recently dead, which had assembled outside below him. The rifle seemed to be of a high caliber, and it had a large scope allowing him to see his target from a great distance.

My body also noticed the man in the window, and it began to approach the house. I could feel myself move faster and faster toward the gunman. The man attracted my body to him, as my body wanted to consume him like it had with Ann.

I notice several of those beings like me on the ground. They had bullet holes in their heads, some of them the velocity of the bullet was so great it had severed the top of their skulls. Their bodies no longer moved, and they actually appeared to finally be dead.

This guy figured it out; he figured out how to kill us,” I thought to myself, “I was too far away before, and he could not get a good head shot on me, but now I’m getting closer to him.”

The man aimed his gun at several others; he would fire, and I could see their heads split open and then their bodies dropped to the ground, lifeless. I noticed that he now had the gun aimed at me. I could see the sun reflect off the glass off the scope of his rifle. A sensation of euphoria filled me at seeing him aim his riffle at my head knowing my existence would end soon.

Thank you God,” I said in my mind, and now I finally felt a sense of relief, “I’m going to die;  this nightmare ends now.”

My body was looking directly at the man, so I could now see him. If I could have, I would have had a huge smile on my face. I saw his riffle pointed at me all I could think was, “Thank you; you dear, dear man.”

“Click” was all I heard when the man pulled the trigger of his gun. My heart sunk as I heard that clicking noise. Realizing his riffle was empty the man went away from the window and inside the house, probably to get more ammunition for his rifle. I could no longer see the man as he had disappeared into the darkness of his home.

Without the man acting as a tempting meal for my body, I found myself moving around the corner on the street and away from the man’s house.  Others with the same affliction as me began to show up, and they started to surround the house where the man lived.

NO, NO, we will lose our turn,” I thought, “We will not end it here. He’ll shoot the others first. Just stay here, don’t move. Let him kill us.”

As it always did, my body overlooked my commands and continued to walk away from the house, walk away from the ending of this torment. My body ignored all my cries to seek death at the hands of the man and his riffle. Later, I could hear the return of distant rounds of the rifle being fired at others like me. The man with the gun had ended their suffering and pain, and I envied them so much.

Why?” I thought, “Why.”

An opportunity to have this nightmare end was shown to me; it was dangled in front of me, teasing me, and then it was snatched away. I could not think of anything worse that could happen to me, but I was wrong.

Heading toward me was the body of Ann stumbling alongside the road. Her top was still ripped apart, and sections of her stomach were torn loose and now a void appeared there from where my body attacked and ate her.

For a split second as we passed by each other, our eyes met, cold dead eyes exchanging a glance. It was in this glance that I realized something horrible; like me, she too was trapped inside her body. I had inflicted her with the same curse that I was forced to endure. I knew then that she must have hated me for what I did to her, turning her into a prisoner inside her own body like I was in mine. Her thoughts probably were of revenge against me, of pure hatred toward me.

Forgive me again,” I thought; my mind concentrated as if I could send my message to her telepathically, “it was my body that did that not me, not me. Please forgive me.”

It was bad enough that I was cursed to walk the world with my mind trapped inside, but, now it seemed I was passing this evil blight onto others, forcing them to walk the earth trapped inside their bodies. I had become a harbinger of the plague, spreading my curse and fate onto the innocent.

What did I do Lord?” I asked in my head, “What sins had I done that I deserve this fate?”

It was now that the hunger returned and escalated, and it seemed worse than it had at any time before. It was as if my stomach was on fire, and was demanding to have food in it, any food. The hunger then became unbearable.

“Maybe we could find someone else.” I thought, “A stranger. Yes, someone we do not know to remove this pain.”

“NO,” I screamed inside my head, I could not let myself ponder these thoughts, “I am not going to turn into a monster. Stop it, we can last through this.”

I knew I was lying to myself. It was in this moment that I had a thought of clarity about the hunger which was continuously nagging at me, like a harpy that was constantly tormenting me. I asked myself how long could I hold out?  How long before my mind, or I, would want my body to kill someone, to eat someone, just to remove that hunger even for a short period of time.

 The hunger would make me snap; it was just a matter of time, and then I would want my body to kill, I would want my body to feed. Would I change when it did feed, would I begin to look forward to this horrific act; the next time would I cherish it? It would just be a matter of time, before my mind became a monster, a fiend like my body.  When this happened, I know that would be the end, everything human left of me would be gone.

I passed by an abandoned car whose radio inside was still on. The broadcast on the radio must have been some type of religious program for I could hear a minister preaching about the events which were occurring in the world, describing our earth as it currently was. I could imagine the preacher holding the bible and waving it as he screamed, “It is because of us that the world has become a living hell.”

How right he is,” I said to myself, “I killed Ann, and I could do nothing to stop it. I was forced to see the whole thing, to be part of it. I can feel my body rotting underneath me, and can feel the pain, the hunger, and the only relief is to kill another. I am surrounded by the coldness and the agony of death, and that is all I have, all I will ever have. I am trapped inside here with no escape, no release from the grip of this living death.”

I cried inside, but no tears appeared in my eyes; no expression of grieve showed. Crying can be such a comfort, it releases the sadness and heartache inside, but without that release, it is nothing more than just another torture, another agony I must endure.  The minister’s words were a revelation, a cold truth that was exposed to me about what had happened to me. “I am in hell.



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Again, I would like to thank Jeri Walker, Word Bank, Writing and Editing for the opportunity to do an interview on her site. It was very kind of her, and I hope you check it out, and also the rest of her site.

Next Week: A double whammy of horror movies; for the kids and for you grownups.

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