Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween a look back


The Thursday before Halloween, I went on a Haunted Hayride at the Double M Ranch in Ballston Spa, NY. This was the 25th year of this Halloween hayride at the ranch.  Normally, this is the location for the Double M Western Store. This store provides all western cowboy needs, including hats, boots and accessories.   This location over the year also features line dancing, and even rodeos.

Normally I would fill my October going to haunted houses, and hayrides through the state of New York. Last year, I attended none, but this year I was committed to attend at least one.  The reason for my lack of attending these attractions is because of my status as a single man.  A middle aged guy, going alone to one of these events, makes him look like a weirdo. This year, I was able to convince two of my friends, who are a couple, to come with me to the Double M Haunted Hayrides.

My Friends

The Halloween attractions at Double M Ranch, of course, starts out with a hayride.  You sit in an open wagon pulled by a tractor.  You are taken around to several scary attractions, such as Terror Town, a blacksmith shop, a cannibal family and other scary spots. During this tour of terror, you have a guide who informs you the story of each attraction. When we entered a wide emptied section, and were soon joined by a headless horseman riding his pure black horse.

After the hayride, you go on foot to the Stockyard. This includes hanging cadavers, and of course workers carrying chainsaws who chase you.

The Salvage area consisted of a collection of car wrecks.  Some of these vehicles would honk or flash their lights at you as you passed them.

The Last Inn was one of my favorites. This is what you would expect in a creepy house. Scary items on the wall, hidden passages where the ghouls jump out, and mad scientists and monsters lurk around every corner.

The last visit on the attraction is the Clown Carnevil. This is a very unique and visually disruptive exhibit.  You enter a tent, which has white bars guiding your way. The area is lit only by large strobe lights; this causes you to become disoriented. Beyond the bars are evil looking grotesque clowns that rush toward you.

There is an open area between all these haunted attractions and here there are workers from the ranch dressed up as ghouls or skeleton cowboys.  You can also purchase food or get items from their gift shop.  We enjoyed some great tasting hot cider.

I have gone to numerous haunted houses and hayrides over the years, and still the Double M Ranch is my favorite.  Next Halloween season, if you are in the area; make sure you visit this attraction.

On Halloween, I decorated my yard and prepared for the trick-or-treaters. I was unable to have my entire collection of decoration on my yard this year, but I still managed to put my flying bats in the trees, and the floating ghost, not to mention turning my garden into a graveyard.

It may have been me, but it seemed I had a lot of older trick-or-treaters this year. They appeared to be high school age.  I am not saying this is good or bad, just commenting on it.

When little children came with their parents, I gave the kids candy, and the grownups a bookmark featuring my novel “Legend of the Mystic Knights”. I thought it was a good way to promote my novel.

After the trick-or-treaters came and gone; I watched PBS to get my fill of the classic movie, “Night of the Living Dead”.  Of Course the next morning, I took the time to gather all my decorations and pack them away.

Another Halloween season has come and gone. The artificial scares and terrors will be locked up until next year. I hope that you had a frightening, but safe Halloween.


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  1. William - I am glad you found friends to go with you to the Double M Ranch - did they thank you afterwards or say 'Never again, that was too creepy'. (That last sentence would have been from me).
    Isn't is amazing how much work people go to on Hallowe'en now? Our granchildrens' costumes are all costly purchases anymore - no longer the Lone Ranger mask we used to have. Porches and yards are decorated, just like yours Wow - makes me tired just thinking of all that work.

  2. ICK! :-) I don't like Halloween--except for the kids in our neighborhood, they are such polite treaters. And clowns...big eww scary! Glad that you had fun!

    1. It is funny, some things we consider scary, such as werewolves, vampires, ghosts, are accepted as being scary, but the ones which are truly scare us the most are the ones which are not associated as being scary. Dolls, clowns, and children who are evil are the most terrifying of them all.

  3. I went to Haunted World this year and it was fun, in part because I was with a nine-year-old boy who kept asking, "But why do they use real things?" The real things like the noise chainsaw and lawnmower weren't my favorite either ;) I dressed up for the first time in years and it became quite an investment to say the least, but I can view the costume as being usable again next year or at some other point.

  4. Why am I not surprised you like The Last Inn was one of your favorites. I like Halloween because it is my birthday. Everyone remembers that day so for me with all the ghosts, etc is fun.

  5. I think it is important to have traditions each year even if you have to drag other people along. We like doing the hayride and fall activities at a nearby farm. It's fun and the kids bring their friends. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I've never been to a haunted hayride though I've seen them on TV shows. They sound fun but scary (I totally get easily scared) I'll have to see if I can find one next year.

  7. Glad you enjoyed the "haunted places" you visited and all the monsters.

  8. Sounds like you had a pretty good Halloween. Mines was extremely boring. I didn't have any trick or treaters.I also didn't watch any scary movies.

  9. Wow you really do a lot of fun stuff William! The hay ride sounds like a blast. We have nothing like that here and I never get any tricksters where I live since my house is at the top of a dark and narrow tree lined road. It's actually lovely during the day but at night it's pretty spooky. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  10. Such a good idea to have both candy and your bookmarks with you to give.

  11. The haunted hayride sounds like a lot of fun. A few years ago I went with my adult daughter on a haunted train ride through Stanley Park in Vancouver. That was a lot of fun. There were a variety of booths set up in addition to the train ride. Actors were in costume in the corn maze and one acted her part so well she really freaked me out!

  12. Sounds fun!! We missed out going to our Halloween houses this year. My husband was more upset than my son LOL.