Monday, December 28, 2015

A New Year and a look back

Since we are approaching a new year, I thought it would be the time to take reminisce and look at the past year, the good and the bad.

First, my novel “Legend of the Mystic Knights” increased its sales, but still not to the level I was hoping for.  I picked up the promotional aspect of being an author, but still it has not paid great dividends yet. I am hoping that this year, that advertising and word of mouth will increase people buying the novel.

As for my other writing, I have several books sitting with publishers waiting for them to approve or reject them.  I hope that this process speeds up, simply because if they do reject them, I want to forward them to other publishers.

As many of you know I was very disappointed in learning the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame was moving out of the state of New York, and heading to Texas.  I believed this was a big betrayal of the fans and volunteers of the hall. You can read my post dealing with this.

Over the spring and summer I was able to attend numerous fairs, these included the country type fairs and the Medieval/Renaissance faires. I enjoyed myself at these fairs, and will make sure I attend them next year. The county fairs were very similar, but each also had a particular local flair to each. I enjoyed the Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival and the NYCapitol District Renaissance Festival, this was the first time I attended either one, and thoroughly enjoyed each.
I was also able to visit numerous comic book/fantasy conventions. Here I made some good contacts and even friends. At The Upstate Comic Con, I was even a guest panelist.

Over the summer and fall, I tried my hand at leather armor making. I had created a leather breastplate doing most of the work part-time. You can read my adventure about this in this post.  This coming year I will attempt to create a leather helmet.

My favorite holiday, Halloween was enjoyable.  I was able to visit the Double M Ranch Hayrides, this was the only Halloween themed park I went to.  When I was dating I used to go to dozens each year, being single I am limited in going to them.

As for this past Christmas, it came and went.  I must say I received, and gave wonderful gifts to those around me. Christmas is a special time of the year; I think we all feel it. However, in a place that usually has a ton of snow, instead was around 60 degrees so it felt a little weird.

So we will look forward to a New Year, new challenges with new goals. I hope this year you will find out that your struggles throughout the year, is just hard work for the rewards you will receive.

Happy New Year


  1. You had a great year! I wish you the best in 2016!

  2. Best of luck with all your books and may all your dreams come true in 2016!

  3. Happy New Year to you, William! I think it will be a banner year for you!

  4. William, I love reading your posts about those fairs! It sounds like overall even with your challenges (I know all about book sales and expectations!) the rewards you look back on this year are plentiful. Best to you in the new year.

  5. What a full year. I'm glad your book made progress even if it isn't exactly where you would want it. Wishing you a fabulous 2016 and that everything you have started keeps growing.