Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Death of my Novel and the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival

As you, the loyal readers of my blog posts, now realize the publishers of my novel (Safkhet Publishing) "Legend of the Mystic  Knights", are going out of business at the end of May.

I thought I would recap some of the history of my novel, and maybe give an insight about its future, if there is any.

“Legend of the Mystic Knights” is not my first stint at writing.  I wrote a zombie apocalypse novel, but have had little success in getting it published (the whole zombie genre is a little saturated right now). I did have a short story entitled “The Knight’s Last Stand” which was included into an anthology, “Romantic Heroes” (this anthology is no longer available and is probably lost forver).  I wrote “The Knight’s Last” Stand as a companion piece to “Legend of the Mystic Knights”.

After I wrote LMK, I needed to take inventory and evaluate my skills as a new author.  I realized I knew little of the publishing business, so I was determined to find an agent and or publisher.  This meant sending query letters to every literary agency or reputable publisher I could.  For those of you, who are also new, I might recommend using “Predators and Editors” and “Absolute Writers Water Cooler” (particularly the forum section); they list both and give recommendations or advice on which agents and publishers to avoid; they are also a great resource about any information you might need as an author.

I was rejected and rejected by both agents and publishers.  At this time, I took my query letter, and novel and refined both. I continued to send out my query letters to new agents and publishers. It seemed like I was never going to get published.

During this time, I also made numerous contacts who were established authors. These new friends helped me along with this process. I must say this is good recommendation for any new writer, make as many contacts as you can.

My book continued to be rejected and rejected.  I took my query letter, and novel and refined both. I continued to send out my query letters to new agents and publishers. It seemed like I was never going to get published.

I received an email stating Safkhet Publishing wanted to publish my novel. This was more than joyful news to me, as I prepared to begin my career as an author. 

At this time, I also started this blog. This would be used for me to promote my novel.  The people from Bloggers Helping Bloggers (BHB) group were a great help, and continue to support me.  If you have a blog, or simply like reading them, check them out on Linkedin.

This is where I will leave off; I will continue next week about being a new author (If I had only known, then what I know now).


I would like the time to mention again about the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival. This is the brainchild of Caitlin Stedman. She envisioned a film festival to both celebrate independent film (including local directors) and also the area.

Saratoga Springs is a city of over 26,000 and is located north of Albany, NY. The city known for its mineral springs and is a popular resort destination.  For those of you, who are unfamiliar with the revolutionary war, the Battle of Saratoga (15 miles southeast from the city) was the decisive turning point in our war of independence.       

The SSIFF will be held September 17, 2016 at numerous venues. This will of course includes the screening the films for the festival, but will also include exhibits, panels and workshops.

The regular deadline for submitting a project will be June 1, but there is also a late date of July 1, so if you are a director (or know someone who is), make sure that film is submitted.  Furthermore, we are still looking for volunteers and sponsors, take the time and become involved in the very first Saratoga Springs International Film Festival.

Next Time: We continue with the death throes of "Legend of the Mystic Knights", and I hope to bring you information about a medieval faire.


TIME IS RUNNING OUT.  If you haven’t yet, please get a copy of Legend of the Mystic Knights before May 31st.   This might be your last chance to get the fantasy novel, filled with adventure and history.


  1. My novel will soon be ready for the querying process, William. After editing, readers, re-editing, readers, re-editing...It's a lot of work and a lot of fun. I hope your novel gets picked up by a new publisher. And that the film festival is a smashing success.

  2. Sorry to hear about your publisher going out of business. The publishing business isn't getting any easier.

  3. What a pity that your publisher is going out of business. Good luck with finding another one. By the way, what about self publishing? You could start with an e-book on Kindle.

  4. Congrats with a publishing approval from Safkhet Publishing! It sounds great! And good luck with applications, never stop trying :)

  5. William -- you're a perfect example of why we should never give up on our dreams. I'm glad you found a publisher. It is very difficult nowadays when most publishers are only interested in blockbusters from famous authors. You will prevail!

  6. William, I'm sorry to hear about your publisher going out of business but I don't think it should be the death of your novel. Maybe now is the time to take the fact that it was published and again approach publishers you were in touch with before. You put a lot of work into that and a great deal of research so give it another shot or self-publish. Best of luck whatever you decide.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story and experiences William. I must admit I'm a die hard fan of self-publishing so have no experience with traditional publishers, though I've heard plenty of stories. However it goes for you, I hope you will keep up the writing. You never know what new paths may open up for you, with the closing of one door another often opens.

    1. I was onace a Safkhet author and they let me down with my novel in 2014. I was one of many other authors who didn't get what they expected. Do get in touch if you wish to find out how I got my book back on the road with a very professional cover. Go to Silverwood Books, they are fantastic

  8. There's always more to learn about the publishing business. It can be dizzying, but also quite satisfying. I'm sure you'll keep your book alive.

  9. Sounds like a fun fair, I haven't been in NY state for at least 5 years but the fairs sound like a great time to visit. Where do you find these fairs? Is there a website that list them all?

    I agree with Jeri, hang in there, stay positive.

    1. I just Google the type of fair, medieval, state, county etc. I usually get a website that lists them all. As for the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival, I was asked to be a judge for that event.