Monday, August 15, 2016

Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Fair and the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival

This week I am going to cover two topics; one is the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival, the other, a medieval fair at the Windfall Dutch Barn.
The Saratoga Springs International Film Festival will be held on September 17; this is the first year of this festival, and we are working hard to ensure its success.

I would encourage you to check out the following about the venues, panels, and exhibitors.
Come visit Saratoga Springs, NY in September and make it one of the best film festivals in the country.
This past weekend I went to the 8th annual Medieval Faire Renaissance Fair at the Windfall Dutch Barn in Cherry Valley, in the hamlet of Salt Springville N.Y.
The Windmill Dutch Barn is a pre-revolutionary restored structure. This barn was used as a resting stop for General Clinton during the war. The barn is managed by a board of volunteering trustees who are responsible for the welfare of this historical site. It is manned by a staff of volunteers who maintain it. The barn is recognized by the National Register and the State Historic Register as a historic site.
Windfall Dutch Barn
Internal beams and timbers of the barn

When I inform people that I live in New York, they assume I am speaking about New York City.  Many people do not realize how rural New York State is. The scenic trip to this medieval faire was spectacular, and I would encourage anyone to visit this area just for the view.
The scenic view around the barn.
The cost of admission was $5 which is low, even for a small local medieval fair such as this.
Many of the vendors, artists and attractions at the fair.

As with many of these fairs, there were vendors, artists and entertainers. The following is a partial list of those I saw.
Alice and her Puppet Friends

Alice and her Puppet Friends I have seen her at the New York Capitol Region Renaissance Festival and the Mayfaire on the Green.  She is a wonderful puppeteer who will entertain the entire family.
Mermaid Nixie in her pool
Mermaid Nixie – A performance artist, who, as her name describes, entertains everyone by being a mermaid.  She engages the crowds in mermaid speak, which sounds very similar to dolphin. For a donation to the “Hungry Mermaid” fund, she will give you a sea shell.
Iona Troupe
Iona Troupe – Is a group representing an Irish Dance School.  The girls were very talented and professional. I must say, you have not experienced Irish dance, until you hear their shoes inside a small barn. I would check out their website to see when they are going to appear next.
As for other medieval/renaissance fairs I have attended, this is a smaller one. I think there is potential for this fair to increase in size and popularity each year. If I could give the promoters of this event any advice it would be to include some form of combat group (every medieval fair should have a couple knights fighting), such as the Society for Creative Anachronisms or the Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword, or any similar group. Another recommendation would be to dedicate a webpage to this event alone. This website should include links to the performers and vendors that attend the faire. I had some difficulty finding information about them. Both of these suggestions would increase attendance and raise awareness of this medieval faire.
When you are in the area, make sure you discover the Windfall Dutch Barn and its surrounding region, and next year visit this medieval faire.
Next week: More info about the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival, and possibly two fairs.


  1. I have to check out Mermaid Nixie, I would love to hear her talk mermaid. Thanks for sharing the fair and the film festival.

  2. These fairs always look like such a lot of good fun, William. I hope the film festival is a stunning success. If our schedule permits a drive north, I'll let you know!

    1. I would appreciate that, and they would too. Having the first one, I am hoping it is a success.

  3. I too thought all of New York City was built up. Who would have known a rural part existed.

    You learn something new everyday!

  4. The barn looks magnificent and Mermaid Nixie suely seems a unique act. Appreciate the point about New York State. Few people from outside the area realize how scenic and remote parts of New York are.

  5. Your telling people you live in New York is the opposite of me telling people I live in Idaho. Few people picture rural areas at the mention of New York, and nearly everyone pictures farmland and/or mountains at mention of Idaho. But we have cities here! And not just dirt road ;) Somebody in NC actually asked me about that. As always your recent attendance looks like time well spent.

  6. I'm also one of those people who hear NY and immediately think of bustling city life. Nice to know that there is a rural area to NY too! The fair looks really interesting and seems like you had a lot of fun there, thanks for sharing =)

  7. Am amazed at the amount of fesivals you attend, William. Presumably you spend a sizeable amount of your weekends visiting them? Mermaid talk, interesting considering that nobody knows what form that would take:-)

    1. Where I live the winters are hard. Oncefall ends, I do nothing until the next spring. So I like to take advantage of the summer activities.

  8. New York really is such a big state. I was born in upstate New York and also lived in NYC. When I talk about all the places I've lived in my life, I always mention upstate NY and NYC separately, because it was like living in two different states. They are a world away from each other.

  9. I remember watching Aquaman cartoons in the early 1970s (narrated by the late, great Ted Knight) and really liking them. That said, I think I would feel *trapped* if I had to live life in the sea and would feel even more trapped if the lower part of my body were fish-like. I couldn't handle being a mermaid: better you than me, Nixie.