Monday, September 12, 2016

Be part of the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival

As many of the readers of my blog will note that I have been mentioning the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival in almost every post for the last several weeks, if not months.
Now the time has arrived for this festival on September 17.  I am dedicating the entire post about the film festival, and hope that you will be able to attend.
The Saratoga Springs International Film Festival was created by founding members Caitlin Stedman,Tom Aplar and Veronica Medina Matzner.  Learn more about them, and the other wonderful volunteers on their website.
The festival was designed to bring the art of independent film to the cultural center (Saratoga Springs), of the Capitol Region.  This festival will be a showcase for independent film makers to display their work and to get recognition for it, while showcasing the wonderful city and area of Saratoga Springs, NY.
Exhibitors will be displaying their merchandise and talent at the Saratoga Springs City Center; here you can get hand knowledge of simple makeup techniques to the latest in virtual reality.  Please check out this link to view the entire lineup for the exhibitors. This is free to the public. 
What I believe will be very popular will be the panels. Here you can listen, and discuss movies, and filmmaking techniques with some of the best independent movie makers out there.
The following is a list of the panels which will be presented. With the exception of Spaceout.VR, Inc. (see below) the panels will take place at the Meeting Room A of the City Center (522 Broadway).
Micro-Budget Filmmaking & Distribution- Logs Leisure Entertainment, an established film company, will describe the process of film making from pre-production to the completed movie.
Spaceout.VR, Inc.- this is a  Troy, NY and New York City based company, and they will explain and demonstrate the new world of virtual reality and show its implications and applications to film, gaming, social sharing and more. *SpaceoutVR panel will be held at Skidmore College (815 N. Broadway)*
Steven Beer Entertainment Law- Understanding your rights and responsibilities of being a movie maker is often overlooked, but, this is an important topic and he will discuss them, particularly those after the movie has been completed.
After The Ending - Live Podcast!- a popular film podcast that looks at what happens after your favorite movies end.
Female Filmmakers Moving forward- This may be one of the highlights of the film festival. It will consist of talented female filmmakers who will discuss how they overcame the roadblocks in the movie industry. This panel will consist of Nicole Coady, Liz Roman Gallese, Ann Marie Lizzi, Dorothy Lyman, Heidi Philipsen-Meissner, Hanna Sawka, and Michalina Scorzelli.
Cinematography: Tech & Technique- Another panel discussion featuring Evan Anthony, Taylor Morrison, Solomon Nero, and Shawn Schaffer.  This group will discuss the art and technique along with advances in modern technology dealing with modern cinematography.
To find out more about the panel discussions please visit the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival website.
What would a film festival be without films?  The Saratoga Springs International Film Festival has some of the best available.
The films were submitted to the review staff (433 of them were submitted), the reviewers then graded the films. The best of these (133 of them) then went through another reviewing process and were narrowed down to 63 in different categories; these films are the finalists and are now being shown during the festival.
These films will be shown at the Bow Tie Cinema’s located at 19 Railroad Place, and Skidmore College. The films include feature length, shorts and documentaries.  Please checkout the specific movies, times and locations.

There were many great people who worked hard making this event happen. Not only did volunteers help, but also businesses whose partnership helped sponsor this event. Check out Saratoga Springs International Film Festival and the wonderful people and businesses that helped make this event occur.
I encourage the readers of my post to come to the film festival. You can become part of history by visiting the very first Saratoga Springs International Film Festival. If you cannot attend, you can still become a sponsor or donate to next year’s festival.
Next Week: A recap of the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival

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  1. Those panels sound very interesting. I live over 1500 miles away so I won't be attending, but I look forward to reading about Saratoga Springs International Film Festival in your next post.

  2. The Saratoga Springs International Film Festival sounds like it's going to be a blast. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A film festival - I would enjoy this if I happened to be in New York! As it stands I am not and will have to read your account.

  4. A bit far for me to go at this point but sounds wonderful. I love film festivals and always made a point of catching as many of the films as possible at the Maui Film Festival. This is a great reminder that it's time for me to get out and start exploring arts and culture in Eugene! Thanks William :-)

  5. What a great lineup of films, William. I predict the festival is going to be an amazing success.

  6. Thx for the great info, William. I, too, enjoy panel discussions when attending a film fest, as it gives you a real opportunity to delve into the makings and motivation for the film. I hope you have a SUPER time!

  7. It's always great to hear about new film festivals, especially those showcasing independent film makers. I'll be the panel discussions will be fascinating - I'm one of those people who loves to know what happens behind the scenes!

  8. The Saratoga Springs Film Festival sounds great. Wish I could attend. I used to go to lots of film festivals here in L.A. As someone who has been a filmmaker in the past, this sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

  9. I'm not going to make it up there for this festival but I wish the organizers the best of luck for this new event. Enjoy it. Look forward to hearing about your experiences at the festival.

  10. Female Filmmakers Moving forward sounds interesting. I have never been to a film festival. Good luck to everyone involved in the festival.

  11. Will you take part in any of the panels? They could, like a brainstorming, generate new ideas and inspire you.

    1. I will be a moderator for the Q&A sessions for the movies.

  12. I've never been to any film festival, but as a movie lover it sure looks like it would be a lot of fun! I hope I get a chance to visit a film festival in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a terrific start for a new film festival. The panels sound really intriguing.

  14. Today's the 17th. I also live in Southern California and therefore couldn't make it. Had I gone, I definitely would have checked out "The Method": I'm all for turning the tables on evil landlords.

  15. I never had the chance to witness a film festival. Thanks for writing this. So many activities amidst creative people sounds very cool