Sunday, November 5, 2017

Halloween at my House

I enjoy Halloween.  It is a holiday, where we can just be silly, or be terrifying; both are equally satisfying.  This will be a quick blog about Halloween at my house.

This year mother nature did not co-operate very much.  We had terrific winds, snow, rain and ice all within a day. This limited me in how much I could decorate (for fear of it blowing away), but I did manage to decorate the yard and house.
I dressed up as the horror host, Svengoolie.

I decided to have 2 paths.  Kids could get treats and leave, or go through a scarier path. The scarier path consisted of a jumping spider, an animated bat, and a projection of zombies trying to get through the door.

With the weather as terrible as it was, the normal number of trick or treaters (over 100) was down to around 10- 15.  As disappointing as this was, it could have been worse.  One year we had a snow storm during Halloween, which meant no one was out trick or treating.

I got a new projector on the one side of my house.

Also a new projection of zombies trying to claw through my door.  I apologize for the quality, all pictures and videos were taken by my phone.
To go with the revolving bats on my wall.
Although, their were few kids visiting my house, they enjoyed what I did. I enjoyed handing out candy, but still have bags of it left over.
Next Time: Back to history as we discuss the Medieval Harvest
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  1. Hi William. We, too, didn't have the best weather on Halloween, so we just had 5 children visit. Halloween is not one of my favourite holidays and I think I would have been terrified to walk thru your scary path. Yikes!

  2. The weather was pretty good in Boise. Your costume is a bit like my boyfriends. He was going for freak show ringmaster.

  3. How fun! The videos are a great touch. I used to love Halloween as a kid but for a long time now I've chosen to live in the boonies and haven't seen a trick-or-treater in years.

  4. Wow, projections of zombies trying to claw through your door? You went all out! Feeling envious of the kids in your neighborhood... And much admiration for your creativity and Halloween spirit!

  5. Great to see you didn't let the weather dampen the Halloween spirit William. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Glad you had a fantastic halloween at your house. Looks great!