Thursday, October 17, 2019

Royalty and Rogues Festival 2019

This weekend was somewhat busy, going to two renaissance faires.  The 2nd one I attended was the Royalty and Rogues Festival, held at the Stittville Fireman’s Field 8920 NY-365, Stittville, NY. I have been to this faire several times in the past, and I have always had a wonderful time.  

The following are some of the vendors and performers that I saw at the faire.

Phil Shakespeare- One of the great bards’ 2nd cousins, once removed (and once put back).  Always a fun show and he will entertain the entire family.

Wizard Zacari (Steven Zacaroli) - A pleasure to hear him perform. One of the best guitarists out there. He was accompanied by the vocals of Heather Buffy Elder.

Adamo Ignis- Her name means to love fire, an amazing fire show.  I have seen her before and her talent and skill at handling fire is amazing.

The Tepee- Landmark and Roadside Gift Shop since 1950 on  RT 20 between the villages of Cherry Valley and Sharon Springs, NY.  Sellers of Native American crafted items, as well as Jewelry, Moccasins, many local handcrafted items, oils, candles, soaps, clothing, toys, and so much more. It is always a pleasure to visit with them.

SCA, Shire of Coppertree - was there with an encampment and a fighting demonstration. Always impressed with these groups.

Mary Ann's Mother's Design-You need something made, or altered, then go here. She is truly talented. You can call her at (315) 985-0395.

The Wood Dragon’s Garden- I make it a point to stop by and say hello to them at every faire I see them.  They sell some of the best homemade soap products out there. Make sure to check their product line.

Goblin Worx leather Company- Another great vendor I enjoy speaking to. His leather products are great and at such a good price.  Check him out at an event near you or check his items online.

Mark the Hat Man- If you need a hat, from renaissance to steampunk, you need to get it here. He sells other accessories such as belts.

What would a Royalty and Rogues festival be without Royalty. King of the Stag and Queen Holly. You could also run into the lords and ladies of the faire too.

We saw the royalty how about the rogues?  The Paddy Nappers are not only an excellent singing group but also great performers. You will find some of the crew members around the faire and always engaging in some type of hijinks. 

Treasures by Tonya- has Hair Items, Jewelry, Bow Holders, Wreaths, Fairy/Elf Ears, Fairy Dolls, Gift Baskets, Wire/Flower Circlets, Hair Falls, etc. Custom Orders can also be done.

Echoes of the Garden- She uses her passion for plants to sell wonderful herbs, teas and scents.

Naomi Creations- Had wonderful items for sale such as hats, bottles and so man more wonderful products.

Moonlit Alternatives- Woodburning, fabric crafts pagan and nature-based crafts for sale. Handmade by Barbara & Jason Skilinskis.

The Button Guy-Vic Lescovar makes some incredible buttons and refrigerator magnets out of almost any picture you got. You can get some he has designed.

Kat Hodges Photographer- She was selling some wonderful prints and other truly beautiful products.

Sacred Satchel- Unique, hand crafted, high quality handbags, shoulder bags, belt pouches and specialty bags.

My video of the faire. Don’t forget to go to YouTube and “Like” and “subscribe” to my channel.

Katz Kreations and Handwriting Analysis- Not only does she sell some awesome items, she will do a handwriting analysis for you.

You have no idea what you will run into, creatures great and small.

Alice and her Puppet Friends- Truly amazing puppeteer, your whole family will enjoy her performances. Do not forget to say hello to her dragon Arff.

Old Soul Alchemy- Sells wonderful products that are good for your body, mind and soul. 

Bailey & Quinn- They are a treat to listen to.  Probably does one of the best versions of Wild Mountain Thyme I have ever heard.

Edelweiss Schuhplatters of the Utica Maennerchor  -they are a dance troupe dedicated in traditional German/Austrian Schuhplattler folk dance. A really fun group to watch perform.

NorĂ°rislá (Custom Norse Ironworks) I truly enjoy the work of a blacksmith, and I always like seeing him because he is one of the most talented.  You can also purchase some items from him too.

When you were roaming around you could be amazed at what you might find.  Here Elwood Blues is coming out of the Tardis.  It is actually one of the Blues Brothers of CNY, performance artists who portray the legendary Jake and Elwood Blues, and the Tardis was built by Kevin M. Woodcock.

Random Thoughts Gifts- their purpose is to create handmade items as their way of spreading a little joy and happiness to the world.

Sandy L. Quattrociocchi- Registered yoga teacher and reiki master.  Sold many holistic and aromatherapy items. You can reach her via phone (315) 723-9813.

Dragon's Lair- Chainmail jewelry, crystals and other mystical items. Contact her via email.

Lone Dragon Leather and Lace-Out of Clark Mills, NY. Hand crafted leather goods and jewelry. 

Amber Dawn Rudwall- Sold some wonderful items such as jewelry and hairpieces, and it was nice speaking to her at the festival.

Nerdz Rezin. Paperweights, sun catches, wall hangings, coasters and so much more all made in resin.

There were so many more, especially performers I could not see. Some of my favorites were the Happy Hague Dance Troupe, and Ophelia's Looking Glass  performed the day before I attended.   Make sure you seek them out they are truly amazing.

The Royalty and Rogues Festival is one of my favorite faires.  They always try to put on the best faire that they can, and this shows in their final product. I really encourage you to make plans to visit this wonderful faire next year.

W.A. Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. Contact him via his website or email.

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