Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Goodbye Mae Young

As a pro wrestler and volunteer at the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, I wanted to take some time to talk about Mae Young.
I met Mae when I first began to go to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2005.  This was a short encounter, but I do remember how approachable she was.  Mae enjoyed speaking to fans; she liked to speak about her wrestling career.  
In terms of fans, Mae liked when younger fans came to talk to her. You could see her face light up when a child came up and spoke to her.
I could speak about what a great wrestler she was, how her first match was in 1939 and her last in 2010, but that would not do her a service.  Mae Young was more than her wrestling record.  Mae was a wonderful person who was a wrestler. In a profession that is often displayed as violent. Mae was a caring and loving person and everyone who knew her, will miss her deeply.

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