Monday, January 13, 2014

Next Step in Book Being Published: Little Things Make a Big Difference.

To all my blogger readers we have come to a next stage in the process of my book being published.
I have been in contact with my publisher, Safkhet Publishing, and there has been many suggestions made.  One good one was changing the name of my book; we are still in that process, but I satisfied where it is going now.
Another was this blog and also creating a Twitter Account (WRusho).
I never used twitter and this seems new and strange to me, so if you begin following my tweets (or whatever they are called) keep that in mind.  This is a new process for me, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me (, and we will figure it out together.
I received an email from the publisher requesting a new pic.  I had sent the one from here to be used on my author site. My publisher requested a different one, one where I am smiling.
I will admit, that I am sometimes scary looking (sometimes). I am a pro wrestler and one of my best qualities as a wrestler is the fact that I can be intimidating. It was then that I realized I do not have ANY pictures of me smiling. I contacted the publisher and advised them of that.
I do see the publishers point on this matter. An author should seem to be available to his readers. They should seem friendly and approachable. You take the time to read my book; I should not look like I am about ready to rip your head off. I guess some attributes of being a pro wrestler; do not go along with those as an author.  I will need to work on that.
I will also get a new Facebook site. This site will help you to follow what I am doing such as promotion tours, etc. I am looking forward to this part of the publicity aspect.  I think meeting fans is exciting, that part of being a pro wrestler and an author is the same.
So we have the next process laid out in front of us.  We will have a brand new pic (hopefully soon) where I do not look like an axe murdered, and an author site and a new fresh FB site.  I hope you will follow me on all the sites and I will provide them to you when I get them.

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