Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friendships and Relationships: No one is an island in my novel

I wrote about several relationships, which occur in my upcoming novel. These relationships range from mere quittances to love interests.

One of my early “friendships” occurs between William, my main character, and Theodore, who is another page. Although, the pair does not share a similar background, they do become close friends. This friendship is based on the fact that both feel like an outcast. William was isolated from other children when he was younger, so he feels socially inept, Theodore is from a poor family and finds it difficult to deal with the other pages considering that most of them are royalty.

Scarlet is a young girl who seems to like William. This relationship is very complicated because as I said William is socially inept. William feels shy around Scarlet, and although he seems to like her back, he is unable to express these feelings toward her.

There are two main knights in my novel, Sir Percival and Sir Haldor. Sir Percival is refined and represents the chivalrous aspects of being a knight. Sir Haldor is a fierce warrior from the north, and is fearless in battle; however, he has little or no cultured etiquette. Although, these two knights seem to be on opposite ends, it is their respect for each other that has caused them to form a tight bond. Each one of these knights has, and would continue to, risk his life to safe the other in combat.

In the world of my novel, evil creatures roam throughout the world. As a result, many relationships are put on hold. Scarlet is visited by her brother whom she has not seen in several years. Sir Percival has a love interest, Dane Angelica, whom he deeply cared for in the past, but is unable to let this relationship to blossom because of each commitment to the Order of the Mystic Knights.

Besides good relationships, there are also bad conflicts between the characters. Antanas is a page, who is the son of a king; he hates Theodore, because of Theodore’s poor background. It is because of William’s friendship with Theodore that Antanas also dislikes William.

Many alliances happen in my book because of similarities and a formed bond between the characters, others are made because of choice. Wilfred was a stooge for Antanas and he would help him bully the other children. One day, William shows compassion toward Wilfred, and this one act makes him look inside and judge himself. Wilfred abandons his friendship with Antanas and becomes a strong ally to William and Theodore.

As with any good novel, it is the characters that move the plot along. In my novel, I hope that I was able to develop credible characters, and their relationships with each other are also believable and real.

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