Monday, March 3, 2014

Social Media: Do you really need to know that much about me? YES

Social Media has become an important tool for the author. It is a way for the author to promote his work and to connect with his audience. Being a part-time Luddite, I do not understand the entire concept, but have accepted it as a fact of life.

So I ‘m supposed to make a “web presence” to help pre-promote my book. To get interest in it before it is even published, having little bits of knowledge about my book floating around the web until the day when my book arrives. On the day of my book’s publication, my web information will change and turn into more of a sales pitch, or so some authors tell me.

I do realize that selling your book is the number-one priority for an author, but there should be other priorities. I think the web is a perfect tool for me, the author, to connect with and understand my readers. This connection can be created and maintained as long as I write, and you continue to enjoy my work. Furthermore, it is a way for them to comment, good and bad, on my writing. Since, you are taking the time to read my work; I should enjoy engaging with my readers as people, not customers.

So my journey into writing this blog was a result of me trying to connect with the readers. Over this short-time I have been on here, I hope you enjoyed reading about items from my book. We have covered construction of castles and bridges to monsters in my upcoming novel and everything in between. It has been a good new experience for me, and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

Now I have expanded to other sites, and thought I would list them here for you. Some of these sites I am still trying to learn how to use, so be patient with me over this time.

Author’s Page

This is from Safkhet Publishing. I have to state, the publisher, the other authors here; all have been very supportive and helpful during the entire time I started on this writing adventure. Check them out.


Here, I started “pinning” pictures about me, my interests and items found in my book.


So little space, but so much fun to do.


Always fun to connect on FB. (See I am already starting to learn the lingo)

Hope you will visit some of my sites, and those of the publisher and authors at Safkhet Publishing. Leave me comments anytime you want.

Next Time: More Writing Discussions

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