Monday, July 25, 2016

Market of the Moons Renaissance Faire

This weekend I attended the Market of the Moons Renaissance Faire at the Chesterfield Scout Reservation, Mass. Originally, this was a LARP (live action role-playing) event, but eventually evolved into this renaissance festival. Admission prices are $10 (US) for adults and $5 for children, there is also a $5 charge for parking.

Although named as a renaissance fair, it is heavily geared toward the fairy realm. Many people attending the faire were dressed in medieval, fairy, elfish and other mythical creature costumes. Combining the elements of medieval, renaissance and fantasy makes this a very unique faire.

As with most of these faires I attend, there were musicians, artists and vendors, entertaining the audience or selling their products. Here is a partial list of those I saw.  I would encourage you to go to the vendor, or the entertainment section of the fair’s website to get the full list and check them out.

Before I start, there are two groups, I need to show full disclosure for the following who participated in the fair:

Imminent Banter Publishing, LLC- Is a new small publishing business. They have started out seeking new authors that wish to get their work published. For disclosure, I am stating I have been in contact with them to republish my novel, “Legend of the Mystic Knights”. Check out their current published books on their website. The people there are very knowledgeable and dedicated to the craft of publishing novels and comic books.
Below The Gaff preforming at the faire.

Below the Gaff- Is a group playing and singing traditional Irish Folk music, fused with jokes and entertainment. Although the vocals were excellent, I particularly liked their musical accompaniment; these people can play their instruments. I bought their CD, "Songs of Warship", this includes some wonderful songs. The gem of this treasure of a CD is a song called "Better Off Doing Nothing", you can listen to this and their other songs on their website. This music group includes Talya Goodman (performing on stage as Admiral Bowman), who is the Publisher/Senior Editor of the above mentioned Imminent Banter Publishing.

Here is a list of other vendors and performers I found interesting at this faire.

Tandy Leather-You can read about them in my previous posts. I have run into this particular Tandy Leather store merchant at other fairs I have attended. Their local address is 119 Webster Square Road, Berlin, CT 06037.  If you are ever thinking about working with, or making crafts with leather, you must check out your local Tandy store, or order your materials from their website.

Medieval Memories- This is pretty unique. Using a green screen technology, you can get your picture taken with a medieval or fantasy background, interacting with mythical creatures or characters. They also have costumes for you to wear so you will fit right into the topic of the picture.

Green River Woodcrafts- A woodworker that sells some excellent wood turned bowls.  He also creates some awesome handmade long and recurve bows. To make such bows requires a very talented craftsman.

The Grinning Dwarf - Sells good quality leather and medieval goods, costumes and products. This is one of the best of these types of vendors I have seen at these types of faires.
Theodore Hinman working with metal.

Theodore Hinman- I have seen this craftsman in other medieval faires. He is a blacksmith (located in Greenfield, Ma) who makes very good products.  It is a thrill and privilege to see him working with metal at these faires.

Lord of Talbot campsite

Knights of Lord Talbot- A reenactment group dedicated to keeping the fighting techniques of the medieval age alive.

Gilly Beans BIG Fire Show- One of the best acts I have seen using whips and fire dancing. I will give them incredible credit for entertaining the crowd using fire on such a hot day.

Most of the activities at the fair are free (once you pay admission), but a few cost “Pixie Points”. Pixie Points are currency used at the Market of the Moons Renaissance Faire; you can obtain them at the admissions tent; one dollar equals one Pixie Point.

As with most of the faires I attend, there were so many more performers and vendors which I did not mention. Please check out the Market ofthe Moons Renaissance Faire website and find information about each one. Check these merchants, artists and entertainers on the web, or visit them at a faire near you.

For those of you, who might think about attending next year’s fair, I would suggest making a weekend out of it.  To do this, you may wish to bring your tent or RV and stay at the campsite. This place has amenities like showers etc, but make sure you make reservations beforehand.

The entertainment on Saturday night turns into what is called “After Hours”.  The music, acts, and comedy are now geared to more of an adult audience (18+ age is required for admittance).  I was not at this event at this time, so to find out more check out their information on their website.

Overall, the Market of the Moons Renaissance Faire was very enjoyable; it was filled with talented artists, performers and vendors. Like most of the smaller fairs I wish them luck, and hope they will continue to grow each and every year. It is a definite to put on your list of medieval faires.

I look forward to attending next year’s faire, and i maybe even camp out there on Saturday night.

NEXT WEEK:  We are going to discuss “How to” write a review of a fair.

W.A. Rusho is a professional wrestler, historian, and author of the novel “Legend of the Mystic Knights”. The previous publisher of this novel is no longer in business, and so he is actively seeking a literary agent or publisher. If you wish to contact him, email him, or visit his website.


  1. It sounds like you had a great time at the festival. Medieval Memories sounds like fun for the family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Markets of the Moon festival sounds interesting and fun in the combination of medieval, renaissance and fantasy elements. I hope all goes works out and you get your novel republished.

  3. You've gone to lots of renaissance faires and some comic cons. Have you considered other festivals as well or maybe trying a booth at a local farmer's market? One guy I know of here in Idaho makes a killing at the Saturday market, but it's a hiking guide book.

    1. Before I had only an ebook, so hard to sell them at a fair, If I get this book in paperback, then I will do the fairs.

  4. Sounds like a great time and some very interesting people William. I hope everything works out for you with the new publisher!

  5. I enjoy that you continue to teach me about worlds I probably won't see in person. I hope that you get your book with the new publisher!

  6. Hard to resist a faire named "Market of the Moons." Seems like a place where you can meet some pretty interesting people.

  7. Hope you have luck Imminent Banter Publishing and they publish your book in paperback. Then it's time to start selling them on markets. It may just give you a lucky break:-)

  8. The "Gilly Beans BIG FIRE fire show" reminded me that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. Someone should create a Joan of Arc exhibit for one of these fairs.

  9. I'm happy to hear about Imminent Banter Publishing for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out exactly as you would like it.