Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween at my house

This week, I will be going away from my normal blog topics, such as history or recap about me visiting a fair, and just decorating for Halloween at my house.

For one thing, I did not attend any Halloween attractions as I normally do (see last year’s post).  I did have one lined up, to attend, but had a cancelation at the last minute from the friends I was going to go with.

Instead of recapping a Halloween attraction, I will simply discuss Halloween at my house. I do like to decorate the lawn, and hand out candy, so this was pretty much my Halloween.

Besides the above witch, I had numerous lawn decorations for Halloween.  I had bought numerous small styrofoam pumpkins at the Dollar Store.  Some I ran a cord through them, and made a pumpkin garland to hang off my porch.


Others I put electric flameless tea lights into, to shine next to my sidewalk, to illuminate the sidewalk for the trick-or-treaters.


One of my favorite decorations was my skeleton crawling over a stone wall.

Of Course everything looks scarier in the dark.

Even my yard is scary at night.
This was a plastic pumpkin that was ruined, so I turned him around and made him into a scary one.


I did get a new item for this year, it projected rotating mages of flying bats on my wall; sorry the picture is not clear.



Of course this is my Halloween costume; I am dressed as Negan from The Walking Dead. I painted a whiffle bat, and used cord with painted toothpicks for the barbed wire.

I also would like to address retail stores.  I went into several stores this year (several weeks ago) and discovered their Halloween decorations were GONE, and replaced by Christmas ones. I can understand these stores putting out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier, but at least wait until Halloween is over before you pack those decorations all up.

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  1. Your decorations look wonderful William! I haven't seen any Christmas decorations in the stores yet, but my email has been overflowing with promotions and advice for making the most of holiday sales. Here we go!

  2. I love your Negan costume! I dressed as a Day of the Dead Senorita. The pic is on my @JeriWB twitter account if you want to check it out. I haven't handed out candy in years and I don't decorate my house at all, but I do love going out and dressing up.

  3. What fun, William! I love the skeleton crawling over the wall! One of the best I saw this year was an old wire bicycle with a skeleton on it with a leash to a skeleton dog. Ha.
    Your choice of Negan goes against what a nice guy you are!

  4. Hi William. I agree. Stores should not put out Christmas decorations before Hallowe'en is over.

    I love the skeleton crawling over the rocks. That's a great decoration!

  5. What fun, William! When I lived in very tall apartment buildings in Manhattan, we welcomed up to 100 kids every year. They were so cute in their costumes. My husband and I loved doing it. BTW, I just discovered there is a big Medieval Fair in Sarasota held over 3 weekends. Here is a link. Thought you might enjoy seeing what they have planned.

  6. Love your pictures and it sounds like great fun!

  7. Great decorations and nice pictures! It looks like you had a great holiday. Unfortunately, I was too busy to celebrate even though I also love it, especially dressing up part. Hopefully, next year

  8. Scary front yard. =) I particularly liked the skelton crawling over the stone wall. Pretty spooky.

  9. I bet you had fun, William! I knew a guy once gave a "trick" instead of a treat (actually "in addition to"). He'd answer the door and jump out in some awful costume and half scare the kids to death. Well, he thought he was funny.

  10. I love all the decoration in your yard. How scary and fun. I can imagine that Halloween would be a holiday you would really enjoy and that kids think your house is one of the extra fun houses to go to. Oddly, I've never lived anywhere as an adult that gets trick or treaters. I guess that's one of the repercussions of city life. I think it would be a lot of fun to decorate your home for the trick or treaters.