Monday, February 6, 2017

Who’s who at the Medieval Faire

Last week I commented on the medieval/renaissance faires I am planning on attending this year.  I know some of you might be able to go to these faires, others might not be able to. A faire is only as good as those who are there to educate or put on a performance or sell a product.  Since, you might be able to go to a specific faire I mentioned, the performers, and vendors might be at a faire or venue near you.

I often get asked about going to so many type of these faires.  The reason I started was to promote my novel, and also to make contacts.  I ended up making numerous friends, and have experienced my wonderful acts and been exposed to some wonderful products and merchandise.

Here is a list of vendors and performers whom have impressed me at these faires:

Vixen En Garde

Vixens En Garde – I have mentioned on numerous faires, like the NY Capitol Region Renaissance Faire or the Mutton and Meade Festival, about how wonderful this group is.  If you get a chance to see them, don’t miss it.

Steadfast Steel – I saw them at the  Krebashia Kingdom Medieval Fantasy Faire.  This is a fighting troupe which puts on a wonderful performance of athletic and fighting skill. They are constantly changing their performances, so when you see them changes are you will see a new act.

Below the Gaff

Below the Gaff -I own (and almost worn out) their CD “Songsof Warship”.  I had gone to see them at the Market of the Moons Renissance Faire.  I had initially gone to see Tayla Goodman, owner of ImminentBanter Publishing.  This is a great group with perfect harmonies, with excellent instrumentals.

Paragon Jousting- The highlight of a faire is the joust. The first time I saw them was at the Krebashia Kingdom Medieval Fantasy Faire several years ago, and recently at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.  This group puts on a great performance that should not be missed.

Ravenbane's Fire Craft- Very talented group of performers that include juggling with knives and fire, and also fire eaters.

Three Pints Shy- I first saw them several years ago at the NY Capitol District Renaissance Faire, then again at this year’s Connecticut Renaissance Faire.  This is a wonderful group of musicians.

Shelli Buttons

Shelli Buttons- A great talented juggler and acrobat. When I saw her juggling, standing on the shoulders of an audience member; I was truly amazed at her talent.

Cirque De Sewer

Cirque Du Sewer- The world famous acrobat with the acrobats (and one confused cat). As she often says at her performances that “her rats at the only authentic thing at a medieval faire”.

Photo courtesy of Festival Fotos.

Festival Fotos – They do a wonderful job of taking my picture with my armor at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.

The Greatest Pirate Story Ever Told – I first saw this group at the NY Capitol District Renaissance Festival. They put on a great show and should not be missed.

The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword- The most knowledgeable group of historians and reenactors I have seen. There has not been one event where I have seen them, and did not learn something new. Seek them out, you will not be disappointed.

Enchanted Images- They were located at the SterlingRenaissance Faire, they do a wonderful job at taking pictures.

The Guild of St. Longinus - This group reenacts the era around 1528, which was the height of the landsknecht. You will see their encampement, which includes the soliders themselves and their wives and family.

Skáldvik Viking Village- Had an encampment displaying how Vikings lived during the 8th- 11th centuries. I had seen them at the New YorkState Renaissance Faire. You will be impressed with the complexity of Viking life

L.I.A.R.S. entertaining their audience

L.I.A.R.S (Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute, &Society)- A group of ladies who can really sing.  They are a staple at many faires, but I had first seen them at the Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival.

A member of the Primrose Pirates putting on a black powder demonstration

Primrose Pirates -This group will entertain the entire family. They put on a wonderful and very informative demonstration about black powder weapons.

The Roundtable Productions.  The joust is the highlight of the New York State Renaissance Faire. They put on a very good performance, including much pomp and circumstance to go with it.

Granny Grue- A vegetarian zombie story teller. Her stories are funny, not scary.

The following are performers, vendors which will be more closely associated with Upstate New York. I have seen them at my local medieval/renaissance faires, and they are worth seeking out.

Nixie the Mermaid

Nixie the Mermaid – A performance artist portraying a mermaid. You will be marveled about how she will interact with you in mermaid/dolphin speak. Donate some money to the Starving Mermaid Fund, and you will receive a shell from her. Read about her at the Windfall Dutch BarnMedieval Festival 

Tandy Leather- More than local, but I have included them here because chances are you will see a local seller. I have been to several faires, and have seen several different local Tandy vendors.  Tandy leather provides some of the best products so please check out their website and find your local dealer.

A member of the SCA educating the crowd

Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)-  A national organization but you can find your local chapter, so please seek them out.  The ones I have seen are the Shire of Coppertree of the Kingdom ofAethelmearc  and  The Eastern Kingdom, The Concordia of theSnows, both are excellent.

Helderberg Meadworks- They are a local producer of a very good-quality mead. As with last year, I bought a pint of mead from them at the NY Capitol Region Renaissance Festival .  Check them out and see if you might enjoy their product.

Teardrop Creations- This was one of the first vendors I ever met at this type of event. They are a couple who produce excellent and unique jewelry. This is a definite recommendation from me.

Alice and Her Puppet Friends

Alice and her Puppet Friends – Your kids will enjoy this puppeteer as will your entire family.

Iona Troupe – Is a group representing an Irish Dance School.  The girls were very talented and professional.

Krebby’z Kyd’z Maker of whimsical gifts suitable for all ages.

If you want to learn more about these, and other performers and vendors, check out. “Renaissance Performers and Merchants”. It is worth taking a look at to discover additional information about the people I have mentioned in this and my previous blogs, and some I have not seen.

I am unable to list all the great performers, artists and vendors I have seen at medieval/renaissance faires, it would take too much time, and space to even try.  I encourage you to look at my previous blog posts, or my newer ones and find out more. Also, if you have a local faire or event, go to it, seek out these people, you will find you have opened up a wonderful door to fantasy.

W.A. Rusho is an amateur historian, professional wrestler and author.  You can contact him at his website, or via email.


  1. What an amazing list William! They all sound wonderful - I jumped over and listened to a few of the songs from Songs of Warship and really enjoyed them! But I have to say of everyone on this list, the one that really peaks my curiosity is the Vegetarian Zombie Story Teller. :-)

  2. Three Pints Shy is a great name, but many of the names listed here are memorable. No matter the type of festival, I think great and unique people can be found at them.

  3. Great post! We're happy we to see so many of our friends mentioned. We can't wait for Faire season to see everyone again.

  4. Hi William. Have you noticed a specific demographic of people who usually attend these events? I would be curious as to average age of attendees.

    1. It is diverse. I often think it is based on the entertainment and vendors attending that particular faire. I have seen some faires with more "artistic" elite attending them, and others a more varied audience.

  5. What a great reference list you've put together! Good place to come back and check if a fair happens to be in my proximity. Your picture looks good--they do a nice job!

  6. Loved your List William, i'm definately most interested in the Alice and Her Puppet Friends :)

  7. Your interest in the Middle Ages is commendable. And it's clear that a lot of people share it. Have you noticed that it's a certain type of person that come to the faires? What makes them interested? Did you know that in those days the difference between the English, German and Swedish languages were so small people easlily understood each other over borders.

  8. This is such a comprehensive list. I think anyone telling zombie vegetarian stories is surely someone to check out. And I think you've mentioned the L.I.A.R.S group before, but they sound like a lot of fun. Lots of great stuff to check out.

  9. The faire looks like so much fun! I wish I could visit one of these faires someday, not much chance of it in Asia though. Thanks for sharing these photos, I love seeing all the different costumes!

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    I'm trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog.

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.