Monday, March 6, 2017

A Winter Renaissance Festival, INSIDE

I had promised to talk about illustrations over the last couple weeks, I do apologize for not posting them. I will get back to that topic next week.

This past weekend, I attended the first medieval/renaissance faire of the year; this was the Vermont Winter Renaissance Faire held at Shelburne, VT.  This was the first time of this festival.  Being new, you would expect things to be mismanaged, and attendance low; however, this was not the case.  It was run very well, and there was a good selection of performers, vendors and artisans to entertain the many people who came to the event.
Shelburne Field House

The faire was held inside at the Shelburne Field House. This field house normally houses an adult soccer league, and also a gym.  I have never attended an inside medieval/renaissance faire, so this was a unique opportunity, not only for me, but for how these faires can be run. If this faire becomes successful, we might see other “winter faires” held inside similar venues across the country.

So let me describe some of the wonderful acts, exhibitors and vendors I saw at the faire.

Shelli Buttons performing on the Aerial Silk

Shelli Buttons- Those of you will remember I saw her last year at the Connecticut  Renaissance Faire. She is a very talented juggler and acrobat. She engaged with, and entertained the crowd with her perfornabce on the aerial silk (this is where an artist performs aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric).

Members of the Vermont Comic Con

Vermont Comic Con- They had a both to promote two upcoming comic conventions in Vermont. The first will be held in April (Green MountainComic Expo) at Barre Mountain, VT the other in August (Vermont Comic Con) in Burlington, VT.  They were a very enthusiastic group, and I met J. Moulton who helps to put on and promote these events.

Made by Hand Leather

Made by Hand Leather- I first saw them at the Mutton and Meade Festival, if you recall I bought a pouch from them. This time I purchases some suede swordsman gloves, it was very reasonably priced. Caleb Hand is the vendor and does many of these faires from his location from Landonderry, NH. Check out his website for more information about his wonderful products.

The Grinning Dwarf

The Grinning Dwarf- Run by Robert and Katie Pyle, they are a wonderful vendor who puts out some great products. Go visit them at their website, or check them out when they are at a fair near you, you will not be disappointed with their products.
Leanan Sidhe

Leanan Sidhe- A Vermont-based dance troupe pulling from tribal belly dance and theatrical dance. It was the first time I ever saw this group and was not disappointed. This group entertained the entire audience.


Tatterdemalion- This person sells her products exclusively at these faires, and does not have a website.  I encourage you, that if you do see her at one of these faires to check her out.  Her products are very reasonably priced.
Tintagels Gate

Tintagels Gate- Another vendor I first saw at the Connecticut Renassance Festival.  He sells some wonderful items, and at a more than reasonable price. This is a definite to check out.

Draugar Vindlands encampment

Draugar Vinlands weapons demonstration

Draugar Vinlands- A historical Viking reenactment group.  They put on a wonderful demonstration dealing with the sword and shield (both offensive, and defensive) techniques of the Vikings. This is a very informative group, and are very friendly and will answer any questions you have about the Viking age.  Make sure you check them out.

L.I.A.R.S. and Penniless Jacks entertaining people at the cafe
L.I.A.R.S (Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute, &Society)- To say that these ladies can sing is an understatement. Their beautiful harmonies should not be missed. If they are anywhere near you, do not miss a wonderful opportunity to listen to some amazing beautiful voices.

Penniless Jacks- A very talented trio of performers. This is an awesome group, some of their members had previously made up the group Bare B.O.N.E.S.  They perform some wonderful music which includes traditional, to some sea shanties and tavern songs.

Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword

Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword- Anyone who has read any of my reviews of medieval/renaissance faires will remember that I will praise this group any time I get a chance. From the first time I have seen these reenactors, I have learned something new each time.  They represent the best of medieval reenacting (or any form of historical reenactment), do not miss their performance.

As I stated earlier that this was the first year of this faire, and it was managed and run very nicely.  This was not a surprise, as these are the same people that run the VermontRenaissance Faire, which will be held at Stowe, Vt one June 24th and 25th. 

I encourage each of you to check out the website and look up other vendors and performers I have not mentioned.  I hope this winter faire succeeds and grows, it is very unique.  I look forward to attending it each year.

Next Time:  Back to the Illustrations Topic.

W.A.Rusho is an author, historian and professional wrestler. You may contact him at his website, or by email.


  1. Wow- some people take these medieval festivals seriously. It has opened my eyes to the fact that we have such different interests and hobbies which we value and enjoy.

  2. Based on your photos it appears the festival turned out very well. I have to admit though, having been to a few medieval fairs in California that I imagine one held indoors would have a very different feel because so much of the atmosphere comes from the natural surroundings. This is a good reminder that I need to do a little research to see if there are any of these events in Oregon!

    1. Come to think about it, Medieval Times which is a Medieval themed restaurant does have them inside, however, it is just them without any other kind of vendor or artists.

  3. Congrats for finding the winter Renaissance Fair in Vermont, William! I never thought there would be any such fairs during the winter months.

  4. Glad we don't have to live through winter during the renaissance. Much better to be a renaissance man/woman:-9

  5. Love that the well-done coordination of the event was a surprise! It's also great that there is so much positive energy at these fires. How utterly wonderful!

  6. A bit of trivia. I used to take aerial silk class at my gym. I even performed in a show. It is really hard work. And my little experience makes me truly in awe of people like Shelli Buttons. She looks amazing. Great that they are giving an indoor Renaissance Faire a try. I hope it works out and then people who love them will be able to experience them year round.

  7. It looks like an amazingly successful event. It would be difficult to hold such an event outside up north this time of year. I'm glad it went well and was attended by such talented people.

  8. Love getting to know about festivals from you, you make me realize there is so much to check out there :)