Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I had first created this blog when I first became an author.  Posting information about your book, or topics associated with it (such as when I discuss medieval/renaissance topics) is a great way to obtain an audience, and to communicate with them.

Of course the main reason is to help expose an item, or topic, you are trying to promote. And promoting’s main purpose is to sell your product, be it a product or writing (or yourself). When it comes down to it, most things we do are about money, even if you are not selling it, you still want as many people to be exposed to it; so please do not bring up “it’s about the art” argument.

No matter how much data or information you are expressing, a picture is still worth a thousand words. And when it comes to promoting or advertising, creating illustrations is what it is all about. This is vital for any business, or organization, that you are promoting.

An illustration can be as simple a photo or picture, but it can also expand into so much more, this includes creating a log. A logo is a form of an illustration; it is a physical representation of your business.

Now, many people would consider the first step in creating a logo or symbol, would be the design phase.  Normally, I would not disagree with this, but dealing in the real world, not Madison Avenue. I would suggest you first determine HOW IS YOUR DESIGN GOING TO BE CREATED.

There are certain questions that must be answered before you proceed: Are you going to hire someone to create your logo, then you can go straight to the design stage?  If you are planning on doing it yourself, there are some extra stages that must be done first.

If you are going to try to do your logo yourself, then the initial stage is to fairly judge your artistic ability. I am referring to artistic ability in terms of creating pictures and drawings or using computer software.  Some of the most talented authors I know, are unable to draw a straight line with a pencil and a ruler, so do not be down on yourself if you do not have this talent.

After you determine your skill, then determine how you will create this logo or design. If you are a great drawer, or painter, then use these skills.  Create your design on paper, or whatever medium you use, then scan it into your computer.

Another factor is what kind of software will you use?  In the past, I often used Microsoft Paint, it is simple program to master, and I was happy with the results.  I now use Daz Studio (example is the picture on top of this article), to help me create 3d renderings. These 3d renderings will be a vital asset in my upcoming promotion for my novel (see future posts).

This is why I mentioned design is not your first step.  You must determine what you can make, before you decide what to make. If you are a great artist, you can make an elaborate design; if not, keep it simple.

Let us now look at your logo design. What kind of illustrations or designs are we talking about?  You may think that you might not need a logo, perhaps, like me you are an author (or professional wrestler), and this is not appropriate for you.  Your assumption is wrong; remember a logo is just something that is a visual reminder to your audience of who you are.  If, as I stated, you are an author, why not have your logo as your signature, it can be as simple as that; or take that signature and make it into a 3d representation of it. Another example, if you write about cars, have a caricature of an oversized you riding in some vehicle, the dust and smoke billowing behind you. Be creative, if you have a more conservative business, then reflect that in your logo.
My signature from when I was the wrestler named WAR


So now you have a logo or design for your business. What should you do with it now? Put it on your website, business cards, or post it when you Tweet. This is another way for you to become creative.  Remember one rule, if a person sees your logo, they should think of you.

Let me make one more statement, a logo or symbol does not need to be a picture.  Think of a show like Dragnet, that opening music will forever be associated with it.  Whey not accompany your pics with sounds or music, we will address this issue later.

Next time we continue with the topic of illustrations.


W.A.Rusho is an author, historian and professional wrestler. You can contact him via email or on his website.


  1. great topic, thanks for sharing! I think indeed personal logo (or your own project logo) is very important and now it is so easy to design it - there are plenty of great resources online - we all definitely to make use of it

  2. Very helpful William, and I agree with you about putting some thought into how the logo will be done first because even the best design poorly done will do more harm than good when it comes to branding. I’m looking forward to your next post on illustration.

  3. Good points to consider about creating a logo. It isn't much use to come with a clever logo design you aren't able to create with the tools you're using. I think where and how it will be displayed might also be a design consideration.

  4. Hi William: I had my first logo designed back in 1994, when I first became a freelance writer. You would have liked it, as it was an artist's rendition of me wrapped in a wizard's gown and hat with a want, as my first tagline was "Wizard off Words." In 2015, I hired a professional designer to create the Chocolatour logo. She came up with a chocolate globe, and I love it! I think the creation of a logo is a very important step, and should be handled by a professional with design skills.

  5. I have long been thinking about a logo, William, but am clueless about what I want. Thanks for all the great information. Definitely tag this post for when I decide to get serious!

  6. William why don't you create your own logo, identity or whatever you want to call it to promote yourself online? Portraying your brand in a visual way would make a huge difference and would have much more of an impact that the written word.

  7. Logos can be pictures, signatures or songs. I had someone else design mine because I had no idea what to choose. It was all a bit overwhelming. It turned out to be a much better decision for me than doing it myself.

  8. Great post!
    Logo's are a important part of one's identity they may be in any format but must remind of you to your audience!