Monday, May 22, 2017

Mayfaire on the Green

This past Sunday I attended the Mayfaire on the Green in Holland Patent, NY.  This is the 2nd (it is the 7th annual rendition of this faire) time I have attended this faire, and as with last year, I enjoyed myself very much. It appeared to me that this faire may have doubled in size compared to last year. In fact, if they increase any larger they may need a new venue as it seemed they were reaching capacity of the park they were located in.

Holland Patent is located in Oneida County, and on the western part of the Town of Trenton, NY.  The village, as of the 2010 census had less than 500 residents.  The name of the village comes from the land grant which established it in the area.

This is a completely free medieval/renaissance fair, there is no admittance fee.  This is very unusual, for even the smallest ones have some fee to compensate for the entertainers/performers that are hired.

The Shire of Coppertree of the Kingdom of Arthelmerc putting on a combat demonstration

Society for Creative Anachronism (or SCA). This consisted of the local chapter of the SCA called the Shire of Coppertree of the Kingdom of Aethelmearc.  This is a wonderful group, and if you are interested in living history, then contact your local chapter of the SCA near you.
Mermaid Nixie
There were several perfoance artisist as faires throughout the faire. Speaking of performance artists there was also Mermaid Nixie who I had seen in other faires, such as the Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Fair. She is a lovely and remarkable artist. In her persona as Nixie she will speak to you in “mermaid speak” which is very familiar to what you imagine a dolphin would take.  For a donation to “Feed Starving Mermaids” you can receive a seashell form her personally.
Performance of Alice and her Puppet Friends
Alice and her Puppet Friends- A performer I have seen several times, including the New York Capitol District Renaissance Festival, and this same fair last year.  She is a wonderful entertainer, and great puppeteer and will entertain the entire family.
Tepee Store
The Tepee Store- They had a tent set up with wonderful items.  The teepee store itself is a roadside attraction located  on Route 20 between Cherry Valley and Sharon Springs, NY.  This store is shaped (as the name describes) like a tepee.  If you are in the area, or see them at a fair, make sure to check them out.
Emrys Fleet

Rat Catcher Emrys Fleet  of Scarlett Rat Entertainment amused everyone with his comedy and amusing banter with the crowd.
Bobart the Great
Bobert the Great- a Magician/escape artisit.  Being a faire in a park allows him to interact more personally with the audience, this performer certainly used this to his advantage.  His performance as an entertainer, escape artists and magician was wonderful.


From reading my past posts, you know how much I enjoy watching a blacksmith at his job. This faire had Norðrislá, a wonderful blacksmith, that produces some remarkable Norse ironworks.

Shakespeare Approves with audience members

Shakespeare Approves is a one-man renaissance living performance of the bard himself. He interacted, and entertained the crowd very much.  Make sure you check him out.

Paddy Nappets-Tunful Pirates

Paddy Nappers, Tuneful Pirates- A group of great pirate entertainers and musicians. They will be performing at the Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Faire in August, I will not miss them.

W.K Pomeroy, James McNaily, and Jordan Elizabeth

Last year when I attended this faire I mentioned the Utica area authors,  this year there were several authors who attended the faire. W.K. Pomeroy, James McNaily, and Jordan Elizabeth.  I would ecourage you to check out their sites and purchase some of their wonderful novels. Jordan Elizabeth Is trying to publish her book, but needs 2,000 followers on twitter , please follow her and get her book published.
Teardrop Creations
Teardrop Creations- This maybe the first vendor I ever spoke with, way back at the Krebashia Kingdom Medieval Fantasy Faire.  Over the years, I have seen them at this faire, and also the New York Capitol District Renaissance Festival.  Check out their website, they produce some beautiful and unique jewelry and even decorative armor.

Diddlelydeets Scents

Diddlelydeets Scents- Sell some wonderful products, from medieval items to incense. They are another group which will participating at the New York Capitol District Renaissance Festival. You can contact them by phone at (518) 842-0104.
There were people playing medieval games...
Playing music

As I mentioned, it appears this faire is expanding each year; I hope they can accommodate more vendors and acts.  This is a wonderful faire and it has become a major medieval/renaissance attraction for this area. If you want a wonderful time next May, mark your calendars now.

Next Time:  Albany, NY

W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author, and historian.  You can reach him on his website or by email.


  1. William, the photos of this faire are wonderful. I really enjoyed Mermaid Nixie - very cute.
    There is a place in Toronto that puts on a medieval show and dinner but I don't know any other medieval reenactments around here. Reading how much you enjoy these faires makes me wonder why.

    1. The place you speak of is probably "Medieval Times" or something similar, they do the medieval dinning.
      Here is a link to the faires located there.

  2. William - a delightful tour through yet another "faire" in upstate New York. The entire 10 years that my husband and I owned a log home in Petersburg (bordering Williamstown and Bennington), we never attended or even knew about these faires. We loved antiquing, though and there were many antique fairs that we attended. Fond memories.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the Mayfaire festival. As an old Londoner I almost wrote Mayfair:-). Great photos that show how dedicated the participants are.

  4. I'm always impressed with the level of creativity exhibited by the entertainers at these fairs. Mermaid Nixie is charming, and I'd love to see the escape artist in this type of venue.

  5. I love reading about your various fairs. It has given me a whole new perspective on them. Pittsburgh has/had a medieval fair every August, I think, and I never attended because I didn't think I would enjoy it. Your write-ups have opened my mind! I think I love the mermaid!