Monday, July 31, 2017

Massachusetts Renaissance Faire AKA Market of the Moons

I have attended the Market of the Moons Renaissance Fair before, it was a very enjoyable festival to attend.  This year, there was something different, and some exciting and dramatic changes.

There were some mystical creatures at the faire

The Market of the Moons, is now the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire. The Market of the Moon (which was faerie-themed festival) is not completely gone, it is now referencing the market for food and vendors.  The big advantage to this change is that now, the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire will be looking to expand to more weekends, or even more different events throughout the year.
Since this is the first year, it is concentrating on the formerly named Market of the Moons festival; so instead of getting confused with semantics, I will refer to it as the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire.    No matter what you call it, it was a great faire.

The faire was held on the weekend of July 29 and 30th. Another change from last year, is that it is now held now at the at Cummington Fairgrounds in Cummington, MA.

There is a $15 dollar adult entrance fee (there are other categories with different discounts such as children etc.), and parking is $5.
But now, let us discuss this year’s festival and the wonderful acts, entertainment and vendors that were there. As with most of my other reviews, I am unable to mention every single entertainer, or artisans at this faire; I can just give you a taste of what it was like.  Please go to their website and see for yourself all the other great performers and vendors.
The lovely ladies of L.I.A.R.S.

L.I.A.R.S  ( Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute, and Society)-  I have described these wonderful, talented, and gorgeous ladies in the past. Not much more I can say than they have incredible voices, and do not miss an opportunity to hear them sing.

Green River Woodcraft

Green River Woodcraft- A maker of some excellent wooden recurve and longbows.
The attractive ladies of the Trade Route Tribal Dance and their Friends

Trade Route Tribal Dance and their Friends-Performers who dance to classic Egyptian, Folkloric, Indian, Spanish, Romany, and other dances.

Karnevil- His skill with the whip is unmatched.

Karnevil- An amazing performer that will certainly astound you and at the same time, make you hold your breath as he does some dangerous and daring  feats to entertain you.

Bushor Photography- Creators of prints from fantasy to the dramatic. Check out their website for more information and to view their wonderful work.

Granny Grue singing a ballad to the crowd

Granny Grue’s Vegetarian Zombie- She will entertain the whole family with some great and humorous tales of being a zombie (again a vegetarian one).  A great act, especially suited for the entire family.

Photography by Donatello- Creates some very interesting digital art. This art concentrates in fantasy, medieval and gothic themes.  Please go to his website to see how truly unique and wonderful his work is.

Below the Gaff- Be ready to cheer and be entertained as a group of talented pirates as they play their instrument’s, tell jokes, and dance for your entertainment.  Check out their website, hear their music, and buy their CD.

The Creepy Bard- He is a staple to many of the faires I go to. He will also perform as a member of other groups, or by himself. He is a wonderful act and should not be missed.
Sasha on a bed of nails while an audience member stands on her

Sasha the Fire Gypsy- She literately risks her life for your entertainment. She is now on my do not miss list.

Shelli Buttons-I have seen her a lot this past year over several faires, and each time I am amazed and entertained. She will bedazzle you with her skill, with either juggling, or on the silk suspended high above the ground.

Theodore Hinman- It is an honor and privilege to see him working with metal at these faires.  I always enjoy seeing a mast blacksmith working at his trade.

The Grinning Dwarf- Run by a pair of really good people. I visit them at numerous faires, and they are always friendly and nice.  They sell some wonderful items, at some great prices so check them out, or visit their website.  If you need something, get it here.

Just in Tyme Boots- I have seen them at numerous faires.  They sell some wonderful boots at a very good price.

Spur of the Moment Jousting- I saw them at the VermontRenaissance Festival.  This group is very talented and entertaining; they will not disappoint any crowd that comes to see them.

Charter Oak Leather- Maker of some great leather products.  He also makes drums through his other company CT PR Percussion.  I purchased a drinking horn and leather holder for it, at probably the best price I have ever seen. 

Misfits of Avalon- This group amazed me, the sound coming from this trio is very impressive.  If you get a chance do not miss them.  Aiden Weiland is a young man whose skill at playing the fiddle is unmatched.

Medieval Memories-Instead of a typical cloth backdrop, they use a green screen. This allows them to digital enter different background. You can get a photo placing you directly into the medieval ages, on a pirate ship, or any other setting they have available. 

Wit and Steele- A fighting comedy duo who will certainly entertain the entire family.

Imminent Banter Publishing- This is the publisher that is handling my novel “Legend of the Mystic Knights”.  They are truly a great group of people, and I hope to have more information about my novel soon.  They specialize in Fantasy, Horror and Sci Fi, so check out their website for some wonderful books, comics and artwork. Imminent Banter Publishing is run by Tayla Goodman, who is also a member of the above mentioned “Below the Gaff”.

Tintagel’s Gate  If you have read my previous posts about medieval faires, you know how much I like this vendor. They sell some wonderful products at a great price.

No faire would be complete without a place to eat and drink. There were several places for you to purchase some wonderful food.

The Red Dragon Tavern and Dining Room- this is actually a physical structure at the faire.  It is where you can purchase your food and have a nice place to sit and eat.

http://cliffssmokinbackyardbbq.comCliff’s Smokin’ BBQ-- A great place to grab some food and drink.

There were so many others, check out the website and find more about these wonderful people who supplied food and drink.
A game of human (ferry) chess
There were also numerous events and activities at this faire, some free, some cost pixie points (currency redeemable at the Market of the Moons only, $1 equals 1 pixie point).  These activities included a Maypole Dance, Troll’s Lair/Kid’s Play Area, Fairy Chess and so much more.
The Winter Court above, the Summer Court below

Throughout the faire you may run into a member of the Winter Wit’s End. These are members of the winter and summer court, which watches over the festival and its patrons.  During the day, they engage and entertain the crowd with acts, and they are always friendly and helpful.
At the end of the "Day" faire, all the entertainers appeared at one place and gave one last performance for the crowd.

L.I.A.R.S. at After Hours

I went on Saturday and stayed later than I normally would for a faire.  After 7 PM there is an “Market After Dark” which consists of adult entertainment.  Imagine the same faire as during the day except a little more bawdy and blue (no one under 18 is allowed at the festival during this time) it even includes a Kilt and Cleavage Contest.  You will definitely have fun after dark.
Kilt Contest
I am really excited to see what the organizers of the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire have planned for the future. Everyone involved in this faire, from the promoters, parking attendants and staff inside the fair were professional and friendly.
Massachusetts seems to be a hub of renaissance/medieval/fairy festivals, and the organizers of this one have done a wonderful job and have positioned it to become one of the major events in this state, and in the Northeast. I will continue to write about this faire, and hopefully other events presented by them in the years to come.

W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You can reach him at his website, or via email.

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  1. Am sure you had lots of fun. Must say that I'm impressed by how passionate people are about fairs such as this one. Presumably their interest in what was going on during the renaissance is enormous.

  2. I love annual fairs. But I must say, I have never been to such a colorful and vibrant fair like this.
    Talented people with great skills all around! Wow!

  3. I've not yet been to that state, but am sure that the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire would be a super reason to visit. Thx for the great pictorial.

  4. You always go to the most interesting faires! I love looking at all the different costumes and seeing all the different events from your photos. I hope I can get to visit one of these faires one day =)

  5. It's good to hear that with the name change to the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire comes expansion for festival dates. I think one of my favorite things about these posts you do is seeing all the creative names various performing groups come up with.

  6. I'm probably a bit behind, but I'm glad to hear you found another publisher. I remember you had some upheaval in that area a little while ago. This seems like another great Renaissance Fair. I love the concept of having an adjunct to the fair "after dark". That sounds fun.

  7. Each time I read these posts I am inspired by the amount of talented people you run across--it's fantastic.

  8. PS. I will plan for next summer and to see what we can see!