Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Medieval Renaissance Faire at the Windfall Dutch Barn

This week we return to the world of medieval/renaissance faires. I attended the Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Renaissance Faire which was located at 2009 Clinton Road Cherry Valley, NY, and was held on August 12 and 13th. If you do plan to attend this faire in the upcoming years, do not forget to check out the surrounding area, this is one of the most gorgeous places in New York State.

The faire is held at the Windfall Dutch Barn, a pre-revolutionary restored structure. Basically, it was rebuilt using the same techniques used when it was first constructed.  I would encourage you to, not only, discover the history of this barn but also the vast history of the surrounding area.
Beam structure inside of Barn

The medieval faire is one of the major events to obtain financing to maintain the upkeep for the barn. This is the 9th anniversary of this faire, and I attended this particular faire last year, you can read about it here.  The admission is $5 which is more than reasonable for this size of faire.

Let’s get to the vendors and artists that were at this year’s Windfall Dutch Barn, some I have written about previously with other events, while others are new.
They had food vendors...

...or a buffet inside the barn.

Nixie the Mermaid

Nixie the Mermaid- I have seen this performance artists at several faires in the past.  As a beautiful mermaid, she will entertain you with her mermaid speak and antics.  Make sure to donate to the starving mermaid fund.

Bailey Quinn & Larry Myerhoff

Bailey and Quinn- A wonderful duo who sang some classic Irish tunes.  They performed one of the best renditions of “The Parting Glass” I have ever heard.

Lisa Foster
Lisa Foster-She had a tent which she sold some items ranging from home crafted fairy lanterns to geodes. She can be reached at (607) 643-3529.
Paddy Nappers Pirate Crew
Paddy Nappers Pirate Crew - A wonderful group of musicians who will amuse you and the family with music and comedy. This group is a truly amazing and should not be missed. In between performances some of them would go around the faire and interact and entertain the crowd.

Ladies of the Pointed House- Actually, they are some very nice ladies from the Tepee (get the pun, tepee = pointed house) Store. I have mentioned them in the past, this is a Tepee shaped store that sells some very good and unique items.

The physical store is located on RT 20, is half way between the villages of Cherry Valley and Sharon Springs NY.

Alice and some of her "assistants" from the crowd

Alice and Her Puppet Friends- She is a staple
to many of the New York Medieval/Renaissance Faires I attend.  She is a wonderful puppeteer and will entertain the entire family, especially the children. Check out her Facebook page
www.facebook.com/Aliceandherpuppetfriends Visit her out at a fair near you, and do not forget to say hello to her dragon.

Daniel Yorke
Daniel Yorke- Blacksmith.  Everyone who reads my post know I am a fan of those who have the skill of blacksmithing.  Mr. Yorke can be reached at (518) 231-9057, he is also a certified AFA (American Farrier’s Association, the oldest organization of its kind) Farrier.

Oldwolfs Run/The Ironwoods- Shared a tent, they sell some very unique items. Check out each one on FaceBook, you will not be disappointed with their items.

Reidi’s Handcrafted Gifts and Jewelry- Some very unique gift available at this merchant including wood bowls. They are physically located in Sherburne, NY.

The Broom Closet- Another vendor who also sells some really great items ranging from oils, incense, crystals and books.
At the faire they had face painting and astrology readings, and so much more.

As I mentioned earlier, the Windfall Dutch Medieval Faire is used mainly as a fund raiser, so their motivation might not be the same as other larger medieval/renaissance faires.  No matter what their purpose is, it does not hinder the enjoyment at this faire, you will have a pleasurable time there.

Next Time: Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival

W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You can contact him at his website, or via email.

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  1. What a fun faire! I agree, $5 entry is more than fair for the many stalls and artists available.

  2. Oh gosh, what another fun event you've been to! I think the acts look like they are sheer delight in action. Truly, I'm going to get to one of these fairs!

  3. Looks like a fun fair with a touch of the old times. It's nice that people can go back to the history and can have some good time too.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the faire at Windfall, William. Now I know they had mermaids during the renaissance:-).

  5. Thank you for your kind words. It is always a pleasure to chat with you at the fairs,
    Alice Dennis --aka Alice and her Puppet Friends

  6. Hi William. Thx for sharing info about the Faire at Windfall Dutch Barn. Looks like an amazing array of characters and activities to enjoy.

  7. That looks awesome! I love the renaissance faire in South Lake Tahoe. I try to go every year. It's so fun to step back in time to a different world. Thanks for sharing!