Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

This past weekend I attended the Connecticut RenaissanceFaire.  The faire has been active since 1999.  It now has a new location at 122 Mack Road, Lebanon Ct. I must comment that this new location suits the faire, it makes it appear larger and more audience friendly.

The faire is set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. They also have themed weekends, this particular weekend had a Pirate Theme.

The following are some of the acts, vendors and performers I saw at the faire.

Emazanti Creations- A vendor of shirts, tunics, vests, trousers and accessories. Amazing creations of clothing and beaded accessories handcrafted by Emma's Auntie.

Festival Fotos – Last year I got my photo taken here.  This vendor does some wonderful pictures of you in front of a period themed backdrop.  Get your picture taken wearing your own, or use one of their costumes.

Peace Fur- Many people oppose real fur because of the way the animals are raised and killed in captivity, or trapped or hunted in the wild. Peace Fur has a unique way of obtaining their furs; they get these furs from animals who were killed by traffic on roads.

Tintagel’s Forge/Gate Swords- One of my favorite blacksmiths/vendors I see at the faires I attend. If you need a medieval/renaissance/fantasy sword or accessory, check them out first.

Knightly Endeavors is a specialty garment company with a strong streak of renaissance clothing. I enjoy speaking to them at every faire I see them.

Cornerstone Creations- A great vendor selling gnomes and gargoyles.  I bought a wonderful gargoyle wall mount myself.

Dragon Ice Cream Stand- Dressed in dragon attire, they disperse some refreshing ice cream products.

Spur of the Moment Jousting- Talented equestrians who compete with each other, using their skill on horseback, then with a joust.

Adventure Tomes-Handcrafted leather-bound tomes (book) for the adventurer in all of us.

Tatterdemalion-I have seen this vendor at several faires and she sells a wonderful assortment of handmade attire and accessories for men and women.

Pester the Jester- an entertainer that rides a chicken. His zany antics will be the favorite of the entire family. His Silliness, Mockery, Entertainment, Laughs & Libations University or S.M.E.L.L. U act should not be missed.

Das Geld Fähnlein - A Landsknecht reenactment unit out of Connecticut, portraying soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire in the late 1520s.  The also do a wonderful weapons demonstration.  The landknects is German meaning land and servant, the basic meaning is “foot soldier”. The preferred weapon of the lansknect was the pike or polearm, read more about them in a previousblog.

Lord Marshall Laww: Kangaroo Court-A hilarious mockery of Renaissance Justice.  This show is packed with audience participation, so do not miss it.

Sheriff Bracken – I mentioned him in my post about last year's faire.  Pay attention to a stop sign on the ground, if you run it, he will issue you a citation.

The Trouvères- A performance troupe which will entertain any audience with Celtic, Traditional, Ren Fest, Mid-Eastern, and other styles of music blended with innovative instrumentation.  I have noticed going to medieval/renaissance faires that many medieval groups share performers. If you look closely at the picture you will see some from other groups such as Below the Gaff and Penniless Jacks.

The Questless Company – This fighting troup will entertain everyone as they pursue a never-ending search for a quest.

The Graces – To say these lovely women can sing would be a big understatement.  Their harmonies are matched only by their ability to entertain the audience.

Thimbleberry the Woodsprite  A woodsprite who roams around bringing you joy and entertainment. Read about her in my previous blog about the New YorkCapital District Renaissance Festival.

Knights of Gore- A wonderful reenactment group, that put on a wonderful and informative demonstration about combat weapons and armor used during the renaissance.

Birds of the Gauntlet- Displays a wonderful collection of predatory birds and also a wonderful demonstration.

Bawdy Buccaneers- Singing tunes of pillaging and pirating, also doing a great job at entertaining the audience.

Hitting and Stabbing Emporium- A place where you can throw knives, axes, shoot arrows or engage in combat.

As with any post I write about a faire, I cannot include all the wonderful acts and vendors.  I encourage you to go to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire website and check out each one.

They had a parade where you could view all the performers and many vendors...

...and included Queen Elizabeth and other royalty.

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire is one of my favorites and it runs from September 2nd to October 9th, so you still have time to check out this great faire, you will not be disappointed.

W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author, actor and historian.  You can reach him at his website, or by email.

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  1. I love how family oriented in seems the multitude of these faires are. It's wonderful to see in this day of reality TV at every left turn. The acts sound talented and fun.

  2. It's interesting that Peace Fur gets its fur from roadkill rather than from animals raised specifically for that purpose. A recent article I read about Game of Thrones noted how Ikea fake-fur small rugs were used by customers in the series.

  3. I have to agree with Jeri's comment, using roadkill in such a creative way is impressive. If the number of acts and events is any indication this seems to be a pretty good size event William. I especially think it would be fun to have a photo taken in costume.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the Connecticut Renaissance faire. When will you write a book about historical faires in the US?

    1. It is a wonderful idea, and I would love to do it. I would however would need a benefactor, to send me to faires across the country. I only do NY, MA, VT and CT. Limited audience.

  5. So many colourful costumes. Pester the Jester creeper me out just s little. Even as a child I avoided men in stilts whilst at a the circus.

    1. I agree, there is one at a medieval faire near me. He is dressed as a baby in a crib on stilts, he talks like a baby too, he really creeps me out.

  6. I would thoroughly enjoy the demo offered by Birds of the Gauntlet. Thx for sharing info about the Connecticut Faire, William.