Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Royalty and Rogues Festival

This past weekend I attended the Royalty and Rogues Festival located at the Utica Maennerchor, 5535 Flanagan Rd, Marcy, New York.  Maennerchor (German for Men’s Choir) is a name given to a German-American social club.  This particular Maennerchor was established in 1865 with the purpose to promote German-American Choral Singing.  The Utica area (near Marcy, NY) was known for becoming the home for German’s coming to the United States, and this organization assisted them with the transition to this county.  It also houses many events during the year, including the Royalty and Rogues Festival.

The following are some of the wonderful performers and vendors I saw at the fair.  Check out the Royalty and Rogues Festival’s Facebook page to learn more

Baily and Quinn- Performers I saw at the Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Festival.  They have perfect voices in singing traditional Irish music.

Adamo Ignis- Her name is a Latin translation meaning is "to fall in love with flame". You will be amazed seeing her dance, eat and other amazing feats with fire. A truly amazing act you should not miss.

Paddy Nappers- A group I first saw at the Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Festival.  A great group of singers who will entertain you with song and pirate jokes and antics.  Here they were joined with Baily and Quinn.  This is a wonderful, entertaining act, catch them at any faire or event that you can.

Lostwinthiel Dagorhir- A weapons fighting group.  They are very educated about armed combat. Their demonstrations are very impressive.  Check out their website to find out where you can see them next.

Ladies of Three Pointed House (Tepee Store) – Wonderful people from the Tepee Store.  A staple for many faires I see in New York. I have mentioned them in numerous earlier posts.  The physical store is located in Cherry Valley, NY and is in fact, shaped like a tepee. You will find some wonderful unique items that will be cherished by the whole family.

Alice and her Puppet Friends- Another staple of many medieval/renaissance faires.  She is a wonderful puppeteer that will not only entertain your children, but they entire family.

Nordrisla (Custom Norse Ironworks)- Everyone who has read at least one of my blogs about faires, knows how much I appreciate the skill and talent of a blacksmith. Nordisla is certainly one who is very knowledgeable of his trade. Check out his Facebook for information about some of his products.

The Royalty and Rogues Festival is a very enjoyable event.  I enjoyed seeing all the vendors and acts at this faire. It was also a pleasure speaking to many of them.  If you are located in the Utica/Rome area of New York, I would mark my calendar down for next year, because you do not want to miss it.

W.A.Rusho is an author, historian and professional wrestler.  You can contact him at his website or via email.

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  1. More faire fun, William. You must have such a good time being entertained by these good folks.

  2. Yet another festival - William!

    It must take weeks and days to orhamisw such events.

    How very brave of Adamo Ignis to eat and dance with fire.

  3. Such a great time as always. Thanks for sharing. My boyfriend recently went to the Pacific Fire Arts Festival. Have you ever considered going to those types of gatherings?

    1. Usually the fire eaters are a secondary act to the medieval faire. I did however, look up that gathering, it is really interesting. I will need to find one local and check it out.

  4. It's wonderful that you have found something to do that you enjoy so much. Personally I woud stick to the royalty because I'm used to them as opposed to the rogues:-)

  5. Hi William. Very interesting! I never thought that there would be Medieval festivals run in different ethnic fashions. That would indeed a lot of fun experiencing the different ethnic sounds and flavours. Thx for sharing.

  6. i am glad you liked bailey and i playing at the is our website that has some of our music and vids...if anyone know of a venue that may be interested in this sort of stuff, please let me know...cheers...larry...

  7. glad you liked bailey and i playing at the faire///here is our site with some music and vids...if anyone knows of venues interested in this sort of music please let me know...cheers...larry from baileyandquinn...