Tuesday, January 16, 2018

LET THE MUSIC PLAY (at a Medieval Faire)

Over the last several posts we have been reviewing the medieval faires I have attended. The following are some of the musical performers I have seen at these faires. Music has always been a huge part of these medieval/renaissance festivals, and the list below include some of the best.  When you visit some of these acts, you may notice familiar faces. These artists, like their commercial counterparts, may sit in and perform with other groups.

When you go see one of the musicians below, you must remember some are entire acts. They will not only sing, or play instruments, you will be treated to stories and comedy; they put on whole show for the audience to enjoy.


Myschyffe Managed- Until this past year, for some reason, I have missed seeing this group at the faires I attended.  It was worth the wait.  This is an amazing group of talented singers.

A Faire Minstrel- A great singer and story teller.  She will entertain the entire family with historical accounts of legends and myths alongside some beautiful music.

L.I.A.R.S (Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute,&Society)- I truly enjoy the angelic voices of these beautiful ladies. They are one of my favorites at the faires.

The Graces- This group of lovely ladies can belt out a tune like no one else. Do not miss an opportunity to see them perform.

The Creepy Bard- He is a staple to many of the faires I go to. He will also perform as a member of other groups, or by himself. He is a wonderful act and should not be missed.


Penniless Jacks performing with members of the L.I.A.R.S.
Penniless Jacks- A very talented trio of performers. This is an awesome group, some of their members had previously made up the group Bare B.O.N.E.S.

Below The Gaff- What a wonderful group.  I wore out my copy of their CD “Sons of Warship”.  Listen to their music here.  They are regulars at many faires I attend, and I never miss their show.


Paddy Nappers - A great group of singers who will entertain you with song and pirate jokes and antics.

Drunk & Disorderly: A wonderful singing group. It consisted of a collection of members from different groups. There were members from Below the Gaff, Penniless Jacks (formerly Bare B.O. N.E.S.) and others.

The Trouvères- A performance troupe which will entertain any audience with Celtic, Traditional, Ren Fest, Mid-Eastern, and other styles of music blended with innovative instrumentation.

http://www.threepintsshy.comThree Pints Shy- A great band, I enjoy listening to them any chance I get. This group’s musical talent is only matched by their vocals and humor. Check out their website to see where they are performing next.

Misfits of Avalon- This group amazed me, the sound coming from this trio is very impressive.  If you get a chance do not miss them.  Aiden Weiland is a young man whose skill at playing the fiddle is unmatched.

Bawdy Buccaneers- Singing tunes of pillaging and pirating at the same time doing a great job at entertaining the audience.

Bailey and Quinn- A wonderful duo who sing classic Irish tunes.

Listen while you walk around the festival

Sometimes you may see musical acts, that may not on the mainstage, but are wondering around the faire or seated and playing for passerby’s.  Just because they are not on the main stage at that particular faire, does not mean they are not talented.  The following I heard at different locations at the faires, and they were excellent musical artists. Take the time to seek them out.

Dawn Danis she will astond you with some beautiful music from her harp.

Avalon Sea, playing the Hurdy Gurdy.  I have such a respect for someone who can play this instrument.

The Singing New England Rose Wench- She will entertain you with her beautiful voice as she sells you roses to give to your love.

Band of Angels- You truly do not know how beautiful harp music until you hear a master play one accompanied by a wonderful voice. Read my review when they performed at the Vermont Renaissance Faire.  I believe that are part of the local Society for Creative Anachronism.

O’h Aneligh- A talented group that specializes in Irish-American music.

If you do go to one of the faires and can listen to the music from an artist, ask them if they sell a cd of their music.  Selling CD’s etc is a way for these artists to make money so they are able to perform at festivals.  Also, do not forget to put something in their tip jar if they have one, it will be appreciated.

Many faires and festivals will give you the opportunity to listen to all the performers at once. At the Massachusetts Renaissance Festival (formerly the Market of the Moons) at the end of the day faire, you can see the musicians come together to perform.  Other faires, like the Connecticut Renaissance Festival will have a Pub/Tavern Crawl, where the performers will sing, dance and put on a great show for your entertainment.

Nest Time: Entertainers at the Medieval Faire.

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  1. William, as I was reading about all this talent I got to wondering - do these entertainers make a living at this or is it all voluntary simply done for the sake of enjoyment?
    Anyway, another interesting post about some very interesting people.

    1. the answer is both. I know some of the performers, and they have a 9-5 job during the week. Others, actually make a living at this. They go from one faire to another, going to faires down south during the winter, north during the summer. It will depend on how much they can charge for a performance, and their reputation. At first, I am sure they do it part time, over a period of time, if they have a good show, they are now a commodity to hire. It is similar to when I wrestled, if you could bring in fans, then you got paid more, and more promoters wanted to hire you.

  2. Sounds like these performers you mention are really talented. Or at least having great fun.

  3. Thanks for including the link to Songs of Warship. I listened to Return to Ireland. Very pretty indeed. Glad Lenie asked that question and it's wonderful to hear they they earn a living doing what they love!

  4. You have indeed had a fantastic year making merry at so many incredible fairies, William. Here's to a wonderful 2018.