Monday, January 22, 2018

LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU (at a Medieval Faire)

Over the last several posts, we have looked at jousters and re-enactors, singers, not to mention the faires themselves; now, it is time for the performers who entertain you at the faire. The list, as normal, are people I remember at the faires I attend, and do not represent the whole list.  Also, many of these entertainers could also be part of the singing list, and vice versa. This does not just mean singing acts alone; Vixens en Garde could be included this list below; they entertain the audience, but because they do use sword play I included them in the fighting/stage combat troupe post. I would encourage each of you to seek out a medieval/renaissance faire yourself and see all the acts involved.

Nixie the Mermaid – A performance artist that entertains you with her mermaid speak. Do not forget to donate to the Starving Mermaid Fund.

Thimbleberry the Wood Sprite -  Another performance artist that will entertain the entire family.

Alice and her Puppet Friends- I see her at many of the faires I attend in New York State.  She has a wonderful act suited for the entire family.

The Questless Company – This fighting troupe will entertain everyone as they pursue a never-ending search for a quest.

Sasha the Fire Gypsy- She literately risks her life for your entertainment. I read where she performed in the recent movie “The Greatest Showman”. Any of her shows are worth watching, but, if you can see one performed at night, you will never forget it.

Mike OJ- A magician, who is very talented. He will amaze you with his skill at magic and illusion

Trade Route Tribal Dance and their Friends-Performers who dance to classic Egyptian, Folkloric, Indian, Spanish, Romany, and other dances.

Granny Grue’s Vegetarian Zombie- She will amuse the whole family with some great and humorous tales of being a zombie.

Karnevil- An amazing performer, you will be on the edge of your seat when you see his act. The man is a master of a whip.

ShakespeareApproves - is a one-man renaissance living performance of the bard himself.  His interaction with the audience is very enjoyable.

Hoop Enchantress (Erin Jeannier) - an amazing act. What she does with a hoola-hoop defies gravity.

Shelly Buttons- You will be amazed at seeing her juggling, acrobatic skills. She will leave you breathless with her performance on the areal silk.

Pillage Idiots- The makers of mirth and mayhem. If you are not entertained by this group, there is something wrong with you.

Shimmy Gypsies- A very gifted belly dancing group that will certainly entertain everyone.
Cirque Du Sewer - the acrobat with the acro-rats.  One of my all-time favorites and I encourage you to seek her performance out wherever she is.

Adamo Ignis- Her name is a Latin translation meaning is "to fall in love with flame". She is amazing as she dances and juggles with fire.  See a video of her performance on a previous post.

Leanan Sidhe- A Vermont-based dance troupe pulling from tribal belly dance and theatrical dance.

The Greatest Pirate Story Ever Told – I get to see this group once a year at the NY Capital District Renaissance Festival. They always put on a wonderful show for the entire family which will leave you laughing all day.

You can also see wonderful entertainers, performers who are part of the faire itself. The majority of employees or volunteers at these faires, from ticket takers to security, will be in period dress, and speak to you in historical tongue.

Queen Elizabeth knighting on of her young squires

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire puts on a A Midsummer’s Night Musical which was made presented by the faire. Many times, you will see the faire has a theme, and notice performers acting parts of this theme.  They also had a wonderful actress portraying Queen Elizabeth, and also Sheriff Braken who would write you out tickets in case you walked past his stop sign on the ground.

The Massachusetts Renaissance Faire (aka Market of the Moons) has a winter and summer court, which entertains the audience throughout the day including a game of human chess.

Festivals like the Robins Hoods Faire and Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival have a Robin Hood theme.  You will see Robin and his merry men, or the Sheriff of Nottingham throughout the day of the faire.

I hope you have enjoyed our list of entertainers at a medieval/renaissance faire. I encourage everyone to seek out these performers, and others, you will not be disappointed. As with the group of singers in my last post, if these entertainers, leave something in their tip jap.  If you want to read more about these, and other, wonderful acts go to “Renaissance Performers and Merchants”.  It is a comprehensive list of performers, vendors and re-enactors at many medieval/renaissance faires I write about.

Leave a comment, I would like to hear you feedback about this, and my other posts.
Next Time:  We wrap up this series, with Vendors at the Medieval/Renaissance Faire.
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  1. William, what a colourful group of entertainers you have shared with us! How fortunate we are to live in a world where everyone can express themselves in every creative way that feels right for them.

  2. All the acts you mention sound great and just plain fun. I'd like to be a fire gypsy :)

  3. the next time I see a mermaid I will definitely donate to the starving mermaid fund. What fun.
    Question. Do these entertainers just perform during their acts or do most walk around and chat with the people attending the faire? Just curious.

    1. Most of the times, they will be walking around the faire playing or entertaining the audience, sometimes just to get their attention and to inform them of their next performance. Except for the mermaid, she is in a mermaid outfit, so she basically is restricted to stay in her pool all day.

  4. I was drawn to the picture of the hoop enchantress. I assume she dances with them. She must be particularly skilled at doing so without harming herself in the process.

  5. I'd be intrigued to hear what the vegetarian zombie is all about! Ah, just love all this humor, William.

  6. What a great Festival and a lot of entertainers at a medieval/renaissance faire. The festival seems so colorful and entertaining.

  7. Robin Williams "Let me entertain you" is a great song. Will never forget when I sat in the first class cabin flying between Dubai and Riyadh listening to it. Felt wonderful not least since music was forbiden in Saudi Arabia.