Monday, August 20, 2018

Faery and Earth Festival, Watertown, NY

I attended the 5th annual Faery and EarthFestival in Watertown, NY.  This was the fist time I attended this particular festival and I was not disappointed.
The festival was held in Thompson Park, Watertown, NY.  The park itself has wonderful facilities including a zoo, gulf course, tennis courts and one great sledding areas in the winter, not to mention one of the best views overlooking the city of Watertown itself.

The festival itself did not only have all things Faery and magical, but also holistic medicine, art and music.

Let’s get to some of the attractions, artists and performers I saw at this festival:
Veils of the Nile- A group of belly dancers that enjoy performing, and also passing on the art of their dance.  Their choice of music and dance, entertained the entire crowd.
The Happy Haggs Dance Troupe- Another dancing troupe who spread joy through their gift the magic of dance. The word Hag, actually comes from Middle English; hægtesse meaning witch.  Hag were also associated with nightmares, an “Old Hag Attack” is referred to as having a nightmare and unable to move, stuck between the state of sleeping and waking.  Whatever you call them, these ladies were very entertaining to view.  At the Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Faire, I had mentioned there was people dancing near the stage.  In fact, it was them, I do apologize for not covering them in that post.
the audience got a treat as both dancing troupes performed together.
Bender Busy Bee Honey- Originating from my home town of Adams, NY. He sells some wonderful honey products.  This not only includes delicious honey in jars, but also Beeswax candles and many other products.  Make sure to check out his Facebook page and see his wonderful products and contact via email.

Hathaway’s Elemental Light- Sellers of some great healing oils, custom wire wrapped jewelry and gifts. You can find out more by checking out her FB page or email her.

Amethyst Reiki Services- Reiki is a form of alternative medicine based on chi or the universal energy. This vendor also has classes on the topic, so check her out.  At this faire she had a wonderful dragon egg game, where you could crack open a dragon’s egg revealing a gem to determine what kind of dragon it is.
Mystic Chrysalis-I have seen them at previous medieval renaissance faires. The word Chrysalis is for the pupa stage of a butterfly (part of their logo), the term has also been used for a diviner or medium.  They sell some wonderful crystals, and other great items. Check them out.

Cresent Moon Studio- they sell some variety of wonderful items. Check out her FB page or her Etsy page, you will not regret it.

ZuZu’s Healing Arts Inc- From Melrose, Ma. She is a medium, muse and artist. She sold some wonderful items including crystals and jewelry.

Sage Creek Primitives- Readers will remember I mentioned them in my post about the Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Fair. They sell some grimoires, wands, crystals and other wonderful items.  I was glad to be able to chat with them again.
Blue Sky Creations- She made some wonderful handmade shawls, pouches and spell kits. Contact her by phone: (315) 472-8089.

I didn't really need to, but I made this pic black and white to make him look 
more sinister. Actually, he was a great guy to talk to.

Graveyard Fresh- Not all things at the festival were cheery and bright. A performance artist that also had a casket for you to get your picture taken in.  You can also rent his hearse, a great time for all.
Julie’s Back Yard Pottery- producers of some really great pottery items such as mugs, dishes and lanterns.

PIT CRU NY- If you are in Northern, Central New York and have a ghost, who you going to call?  These people.  They aren’t Ghostbusters, they are a paranormal investigation team that use scientific equipment to investigate,research and document the out of normal experiences.
Eternally Thirsty-Seller of wonderful clothing, including gothic to punk styles. She was also selling horns which were perfect for a Faery festival.  Check out her Etsy site for more.

Grandmas Groovy Bottles- I was very impressed with what they did with simple bottles, paint, cactus and imagination.  You should really check out their products.
Moonlit Alternatives- Contact them via email. Fist time I met this vender, and they sell some wonderful handmade items. Their glassware products are particularly impressive.

The Wizard within the Wood-As his name suggest he is a wizard at making custom wood creations and carvings. His products show some wonderful talent and skill.

 The Wizard Zacari (guitarist Steven Zacaroli)-to say he is a wizard with that guitar is an understatement. He blew everyone away with his singing and his playing. If you get a chance, make sure you check him out.

There was also couple face painting tents, this is Leanna Chapman.

As I stated, this was the 5th year of the Faery and Earth Festival.  I wish I could have included all the people associated with this wonderful event, but time and limited space on this blog prevents me. I suggest that you check out their vendors, entertainment, and workshops pages to see more. Also, check out the sponsors page.

In lieu of an entrance fee, this group suggested you bring in a donation for the festival, but also for the “Feed our Vets Organization”.  This is a testimonial to a wonderful festival with wonderful people involved with it. This festival is also based on diversity, education and community. It is a great event so next year make sure you make plans to attend.

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W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You can contact via his website, or email. 

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  1. TY so much for such a great write-up on this awesome event! Glad that you do what you do and share with us all1 :) Hope to see you again soon! Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again! :) Hepzibah Hagg and The Happy Haggs Dance Troupe