Thursday, August 16, 2018

Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Renaissance Fair

A little of American and Medieval History, all rolled into one event.

I recently attended the Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Renaissance Fair which is located in the hamlet of Salt Springville, NY.  The barn is a restored pre-revolutionary structure, to read more about the fascinating history of this place go to their website.

There are numerous events, including the medieval renaissance fair, which helps pay for the cost of renovation and upkeep of this amazing barn.
Here are some of the vendors, and performers I saw at the fair.

Paddy Nappers-This is truly an amazing group, if you have read some of my previous posts of other fairs, you will remember how great I have praised them in the past. This group consists of other musical groups or people such as Grace & Merriment, and Baily & Quinn, who also performed at different times.
The Paddy Nappers had people standing and dancing

This group has become one of my favorites.  They can make any dreary rainy day (which it was when I attended the fair) and make you smile and cheer.

The Tepee- One of my favorites at these fairs.  Located on  RT 20, is half way between the charming villages of Cherry Valley and Sharon Springs NY.  Make sure you check them out if you are ever in the area!

Sage Creek Primitives- I just met this group for the first time. They are out of Mexico, NY.  They sell wands, grimoires and runes.

OldWolfs Run- Makers and sellers of some wonderful items.  I even bought some beard softener cream there, but they sell so much more such as some beautiful jewelry.  You definitely need to check out their items.

Wood Dragon’s Garden-Producer and seller of some great handmade soaps using natural ingredients. Even during a rainy day, I could smell how great these soaps were.

The Saratoga Spiritualist (Michelle Wagner)- A psychic medium and published author. Check her site out, or read her blog.

Big Dipper Textiles- You really must see their product line to appreciate the wonderful large selection of knitted items.

Dragon Faire and Wizard Stationary- Had some wonderful items for sale, it was operated by Rev. Jeanne Carey who is a renowned psychic medium.

The Sacred Satchel- Makers of some wonderful handbags and other handcrafted personal items.

Dragon’s Hoard- Was able to speak to them for several minutes. They are a great group of people selling some great products.

The Broom Closet- They sold some truly amazing items from chalices to incense. Just from this one picture you can tell the variety of products.

Keith Willis- My favorite local author to talk to at many of these events. Check out his novels “The Traitor Knight” and "Desperate Knight”. I cannot praise enough about an author that writes about knights.

Tangledmania Shoppe- Seller of some wonderful knit items and knitting material. Check out their Etsy site or her website.

NorĂ°rislá- What a great blacksmith.  I truly am amazed at the skill, and talent it takes to be good at this trade, and he is one of the best.

There were so many more. I do apologize to 1 vendor that I had spoken to, but I had lost their contact information.
Even on a rainy day, the view was still impressive

The Windfall Dutch Barn is a wonderful place, located in a beautiful area of New York State.  If you get a chance visit this location, also check their website for other events, including the medieval renaissance fair for next year.

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W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, historian and author. Contact him on his website, or via email.

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