Saturday, November 3, 2018

Halloween Recap: Decorations for the Home

Another Halloween has come and gone.  As usual, I decorated my yard for those kids in my town that go trick-r-treating.  I thought I would share my “haunted” house decorations with you, and how I created some of my own.  I live in a rural area, so kids still trick-r-treat in my neighborhood, so this was a treat for them too. This year, it rained a lot, which reduced the number of trick-r-treaters at my house. However, those that did go out in the rain enjoyed by decorations.
I had recently bought some inflatable mannequins from TheCostumer, this is a store I frequent and it is open all year long.  With these mannequins totally inflated, I drove a long stake behind them (so they would stand up) and dressed them up in a costume.  With a blank face, I simply had to add some fake eyes underneath the mask. This is a cheaper way to create a character attraction than buying a store bought one.  
If you had seen a previous blog from last year, you remember I had bought a jumping spider.  I had this working by using one of those “Step on” pads, I found these did not work very well.  While at Spirit Halloween store, I purchased a remote-control device.  This allowed me to set my animatronics by myself and not rely on the pad.
This is a variation of the above.  I had several animatronics which did not use a step on pad, they had sound or motion sensors, these too did not work very well.  However, I had kept the “try me” sensor which was packaged with the item.  This sensor allows you to try it before you buy it.  With a little modification, and rewiring, I was now able to use these by remote control. The remote-controlled animatronics really increased the scare factor of my attractions.
The picture would "greet" the people going 
down the scary path
Speaking of being scared, I realize that there are older trick-r-treaters and younger ones.  I continued my tradition of having two paths; after getting their candy (which I love giving them a lot of) they had the option of just leaving, or going down the scary path. Of course, when the kids asked how scary it was I replied, “I don’t know, no one has made it out alive yet!”
Here are some more pics of some of the items I included in my haunted yard.  I must admit, I did not put out as many displays as I usually do because of the weather, however, I did include many of my favorites such as the jumping spider and the projection of the zombies clawing through the door.
One of the mannequins with a mask
Jason mannequin hiding at the side of my house.

I enjoy Halloween, being single it is basically the only holiday I have control over.  4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas I go to my sisters, but Halloween, it is my holiday to decorate. 
My costume, I am a mounted deer head

Now that it is after Halloween, I have gone to numerous stores and bought several Halloween items at a very reduced rate for next year. Make sure you join me then to see how the lawn looks like.
I hope you enjoyed my decorations for Halloween, and I hope this gives you some ideas for next year. Leave a comment about how your Halloween was this year.
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