Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Connecticut Renaissance Faire 2019

Several weeks ago, I attended the Connecticut RenaissanceFaire. This faire is held at the Lebanon County Fairground, 122 Mack Road, Lebanon, CT.  I do apologize for the lateness of this post, but October is a busy month for me, and for writing blog posts. 

The faire has gotten to be one of my favorites.  There are many attractions, games, performers and merchants that will keep you and the entire family entertained for the entire time you are there. There are also themed weekends, the weekend I attended was the Time Traveler Weekend ( you will see examples of this below).

The following is but a small example of what I encountered at the faire:

Shelly Buttons: One of my favorite performers. What she does is amazing, be it balancing on bottles or performing on the silk highwire.  Do not miss an opportunity to see here.

Cornerstone Creations- One of my favorite vendors to talk to.  He creates and sells concreate statues, birdbaths, gnomes and so much more.

Stary Olsa- I believe this was the first time I ever saw this group.  They certainly made a good first impression.  Truly amazing and talented performers.

The video I created about the faire.

Das Geld Fähnlein- They are a landsknect reenactment group. They had an encampment, and also cooking and weapons demonstrations. One of my favorites.

Emazanti Creations- Great selecting of clothing for both men, women and children.

Smite the Knight- Using safe boffer weapons, your kid could try his hand at facing a knight in combat.

Donkey Rides- provided by Tripledale Farms.

The Graces- One of my favorite group of singing wenches. They are very talented and also are great performers.

Dragon’s Nest Designs- Beautiful handcrafted jewelry, including necklaces, pendants and rings.

Live Flight Birds of Prey- They had demonstrations throughout the day, but you could also visit their tent to see these magnificent birds.

They had a wonderful parade

Ren Boots- A really great selection of medieval, renaissance and steampunk footwear, and other wonderful items at a great price.

Shakespeare Approves- The bard was never so funny.  You will enjoy they mayhem, merriment and just plain fun from this entertainer.

Festival Fotos- Get a photo momentum of the faire.  I enjoy speaking to them every time I see them.  I got my photo done there wearing my new armor I made.

Sheriff Bracken- Be careful walking through the faire, you do not want to run afoul of this local sheriff.

Knighting Ceremony- During the day, there was a knighting ceremony in which you could see Queen Elizabeth herself.

Tintagel’s Gate Swords- Includes their forge and Magical and Metaphysical- From wands, to swords to other wonderful items, you can find it all here. 

 The Bawdy Buccaneers- What a talented duet. These two, Captain Lance D. Boyle and First Mate Truly Scrumptious, are truly great singers.

There Was A Star Danced- A seller of some spectacular glass colored lanterns.  I bought one for a Christmas present.

Medieval Maiden Soaps-Wonderful soaps, lip balm, all made with natural products.

Lords of Adventure- These two will make you laugh and entertain the entire family, They are one o the best acts I see at any faire.

Auntie Arwen’s Spices- I often said in the past, I doubt you could provide a wider selection of herbs and spices at a better price.

Oignucs Incense- sold handcrafted incense cones, oils and other wonderful items.

Dragon Ice Cream Cart- Only thing better than ice cream is getting it served from a dragon.

The Mad Maille- Sells hats of all sizes and designs and chain mail items.

Being the time traveler weekend, you might run into Dr. Who. Actually its James Benini a frabicator of Fantastic Con Props, that created these daleks.

Iron Raven Blacksmith- A great blacksmith.  I truly am always amazed at the skill, talent and artistry needed for this trade. He is out of Colchester, Ct. Contact him by phone at (860) 670-4646

Myth- It is a live fantasy roleplaying.  You become a character in a story.

Fun Times Jewelry- Solder wonderful jewelry, at really great prices.

Joust-Put on by Spur of the Moment Joust Team and Equestrian Martial Arts. They are one of the best jousting groups out there.

Fairey Crown Cottage- Handcrafted flowered crowns. 

Penniless Jacks- A mainstay at many of the faires I attend.  They are truly an amazing group of musicians. 

Wild Fae Arts- Sells some beautiful, magical fairy wings. Check her products and read more about her on Facebook

Misfits of Avalon- I will have to say that it was this year I got exposed to their music more than any other year.  The musical talent of this group is unbelievable.

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire is one of my favorites, it is also the last type of these faires I did this year.

What I have listed above is only a partial list of all the entertainers, merchants available at this faire.  This is one of the faires I truly recommend that you make plans now to attend it next year.

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W.A. Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You can contact him via his website or email.

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