Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 a Look Back: Medieval/Renaissance Faires

Since we are wrapping up 2016, I wanted to recap the things I did during this past year. This post will concentrate on the medieval/renaissance faires I attended this past year. The next post will do with other types of festivals or fairs that I attended. After our recap of this past year, we will return to our normal historical posts.
Early on in the year, I was informed the publisher of my novel; “Legend of the Mystic Knights” was closing.  This meant my novel was no longer for sale. I began the process of looking for another publisher; there will be more about this later in this post.
As with previous years, I went to as many events as I could, particularly medieval renaissance faires.
Here is a list and a link to my posts about these faires. I have included a link to my previous blog post so you can read the full review.
Mayfaire on the Green:  This was the first time I had been to this faire. It was a small faire, but very enjoyable. I was able to see some wonderful performances such as Alice and her Puppet Friends. I also was able to visit the Tandy Leather tent, this is one of the best places to but leather products, this particular store is located at 6700 Thompson Rd. Syracuse, NY.

New York Capitol District Region Renaissance Festival:  This festival is held near my apartment near Albany, NY. It is a great faire, and it was my first exposure to the group Vixens En Garde.  It was a time also to see again the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA, The Eastern Kingdom, TheConcordia of the Snows)

Mutton and Mead Festival:  This is one of my favorite festivals I usually attend annually.  Not only was I treated in seeing Vixens EnGarde, I also saw Cirgue Du Sewer; The Acrobat with Acrorats (and do not forget one confused cat): Both of these acts are not to be missed.
Some of the lovely ladies of Vixens En Garde

As with many of my faires, I was entertained and educated by the historical fighting knowledge of .The Brotherhood of The Arrow and Sword

Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword putting on a demonstration

Market of the Moons Renaissance Fair- A fair I attended for the first time this year.  I went specifically to see, Below the Gaff, which is a wonderful group of performers. Taly Goodman who is a member of this group also runs Imminent BanterPublishing. I was seeking to get my previously published novel through them.  Good news, I have signed a contract with them, more news about this will come out in 2017.
Below The Gaff

The faire is very entertaining; it also includes an “After Hours” on Saturday night, which I am planning on attending next year.
Windfall Dutch Barn Medieval Fair- Another faire which I had attended for the first time. This event is a major fundraiser for the maintenance and upkeep of the Windfall Dutch Barn located in Cherry Calley, NY. The Windmill Dutch Barn is a pre-revolutionary restored structure. This barn was used as a resting stop for General Clinton during the war.

The fair is small compared to others I have attended, but its size does not diminish its entertainment. The Iona Troupe, anput  Irish dance school on an amazing performance. I also go to visit MermaidNixie, a performance artist who will entertain you with her mermaid speak

Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival- Another new faire for me this year.  This was a very good faire as I got to see old favorites such as Tandy Leather(this one located at 119 Webster Square Road, Berlin, CT 06037) , and The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword.  I also got to see new talent, such as Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute, & Society (L.I.A.R.S.), and a wonderful black powder demonstration put on by the Primrose Pirates.

Primrose Pirate demonstration

Sterling Renaissance Fair- This is one of two large medieval/renaissance faires in New York State. It was here that I was able to wear my completed leather armor and got my picture taken at the Enchanted Images.

My completed armor

The Sterling Renaissance Fair was the very first of these faires I ever attended. You will not be disappointed with this faire, as with many bigger attractions of this type you will find entertainment and education for the entire family.

New York Renaissance Faire- I went twice to this fair, several weeks apart. The first one was strictly to attend the faire. This is the other major renaissance faire in New York State, located only 45 minutes from New York City.
This faire has everything you would expect for such a large enterprise. There are games, food and entertainment for the entire family. Get there early, and stay late. While you are there, do not miss the parade or the joust (performed by Roundtable Productions).
Do not miss the joust

The 2nd time I visited the fair was to see the last performance of the year by the Vixens En Garde. This is their coming home event which includes all the founding and new members of the group.

The vixens and some of their young fans

Although this time I attended the faire, I was limited on time, I still enjoyed it immensely.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire- Below the Gaff played at this fair, and it was very enjoyable to hear them perform again. At this faire I was able to see Paragon Jousting, a wonderful group of knights which I first saw several years ago at the Krebashia Kingdom Medieval Fantasy Faire. Other events and entertainers which I enjoyed were Three Pints Shy, and of course Cirque duSewer.

One of the most enjoyable events was seeing the Pub Crawl. Here some children were knighted, and then the musicians engaged the crowd with fun songs and entertainment.
The queen knighting of his her young squires
I sometimes say there is one event, or attraction which makes an event I attend worth going to. In this case, it was the actress who portrayed Queen Elizabeth; she was charming and was so attentive to those who attended this faire, especially to the children. The Connecticut Renaissance Faire is one of my “Must See” on my list of fairs.
So that is the medieval/renaissance faires I attended this year.  I encourage you to follow the links to these faires, and if you are in the NY, MA or CT area next year, make plans to attend them.
Next time: Other types of fairs and events from this past year.

W.A.Rusho is an amateur historian, professional wrestler and author. You can contact him at his website, or email.


  1. Lovely recap William, wishing you Happy New year!

  2. You've had quite a busy year of time travel, William! It must really blow the mind to participate in a Renaissance Fest so close to the Big Apple, where life is so fast and furious! Thx for sharing the recap of your visits. Some of the festivals certainly have creative names! Happy New Year to you, and may 2017 be filled with many more adventures.

  3. Let's hope 2017 brings many exciting medieval faires for you, William. Happy New Year.

  4. It has been great fun to read about your various fairs and festivals this year, William. I hope that 2017 is even more amazing for you.