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Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

This past weekend I attended the Midsummer FantasyRenaissance Faire.  The faire is located at Warsaw Park, 119 Pulaski Hwy, Ansonia, CT.  The faire this year ran on the weekends from June 23 to July 8th.

The faire has a back story being set in a town called VonSall, a town in need of help from the forces of the Dominion. This back story helps set a tone of the faire and the acts which tell about it, read more about it here.

This is the first time I attended this faire and I was not disappointed.  If you are planning on going next year, maker sure you get their early.  The day I went, the parking lot at the faire was already full.  This is not a complaint of the faire, but a testament to how popular this faire is.

When I fist got to the faire I thought it was going to be a small-medium sized faire, I was wrong. It has some bends and twists which hide it immensity in size from the road. It was so large I could not see all the attractions there, but below is a partial list.

So, lets get to the artists, vendors and performers I saw at the faire:

Mother Earth Gourds- Producer of some wonderful handcrafted artwork, mostly made with American Grown Gourds.  Check out her FB page to see more about this wonderful artist.

The Graces- A group I have seen at numerous faires and I am always impressed with their performances. These beautiful women can sing and entertain any crowd.

Knotted Bone- A maker of some very unique and interesting items.  Check out their wonderful leather products on their website.  

Edged Beauty- Makers of some costom knives, axes, swords etc. You can contact them via email.

The Creepy Bard- A staple at many of the faires I attend. A wonderful singer you can find on stage during a performance, or walking around entertaining the fairgoers around the grounds.

Goblin Worx Leather Company- A maker and seller of some wonderful leather products. I was able to speak to him for several minutes, and was impressed with his skill.  Check out his Esty site and check out his products.
Shelli Buttons thanking her young assistant

Shelli Buttons- Always a pleasure seeing her at these faires.  She is a very talented, and funny performer, do not miss an opportunity to see her act.

Dragon Nest Designs- Here you can purchase some wonderful jewelry, figures, banners and other wonderful gifts for you friends, family or yourself.

The Crimson Pirates- This is a talented group who can really sing.  They sell a good selection of their music on CD’s, so check out their site and get a copy today.

European Treasures- Makers of some wonderful hand made dragons, and sellers of some other wonderful items.  I purchased a knight figuring at a ridiculous low price.  Definitely check this vendor out. 

Granny Grue- This Vegetarian Zombie (so do not worry, she won't bite unless you are a carrot) will entertain your whole family with jokes, story and song.

SDS Dragon Eyes- Seller of some wonderful and unique dragon eye pendants, keychains and magnets.

Knights of Gore – Another staple of some of the faires I attend.  I was very impressed with their instructional demonstration of weapons and armor throughout the ages.

Charter Oak Leather- Ctreators of some wonderful leather products, particularly drums. Readers will remember I purchased a drinking horn and leather holder from this vendor last year at a faire.

Shakespeare Approves- He will engage and interact with the audience. A Shakespearean show filled with humor, zany madcap humor that will leave you laughing all day.

The Jester’s Guise-  (Put on by “Put on a Happy Face”).  You always see face painting at these faires. From the line of people waiting to get their face painted, these must be one of the best.

Daniel Greenwolf- A magician, comedian and overall great performer. You will be amazed and entertains by his act.  In fact, he was voted as one of the top 5 Non-Musical Acts in the United States four years in a row by Renaissance Magazine and Renaissance Music Podcast.

Tintangels Gate- Always a pleasure to talk to this vendor at the faires. Seller of some wonderful items. My go to for seeking out medieval/renaissance weapons.

Rabenwald Metalsmything- If you have read only a few of my blog posts, you know how impressed I am with the skill of a blacksmith. He sold some of his forged items, but also put a demonstration of his skill throughout the day. 

The World of Wyk- Does what some would call a sideshow performance.  However, he is one of the best masters of a bullwhip I have ever seen.

Unexpected Suprises- sold some wonderful and unique wood toys. Check them out if your see them at a faire or festival near you.

The Shady Emporium- If you are walking around a faire and the sun is beating down on you, check this vendor out.  They sell some wonderful parasols, fans and other items.

Knightly Endeavors- Always a great pleasure to visit this vendor at these faires. They sell some of the best clothing and at a very reasonable price I have seen.

Mad Mailler- If you like chain mail products, and who doesn’t, then this is your go to place to shop.

 Pleiades Dance Show- A wonderful and talented group of belly dances. Their skill at their art is truly amazing to behold.

Fairie Tailor-Custom capes and adornments that you will find for the entire family.

History Research Center- Here you can look up the history of your family name, and even find its coat of arms and crest.

There was so much more to do and see at the faire, such as:

Fight a knight

See performers as they walked around the faire

Dunk someone in water

Get a picture of you in the stocks

See some combat

Or Get a picture sitting on the throne.  Met this nice couple who let me take their picture.

Purchase a lovely flower from a lovely young lady

Of course, as with many faires I attend, I could not list all the performers, and vendors.  Check out the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire’s site of Acts and Vendors to learn more.

The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire is a wonderful event and is now on my list of do not to miss faires. It is promoted, and run by a wonderful and dedicated group of people.  Get your vacation trip planned to include this faire for next year. 

W.A. Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You can contact him at his website, or via email.
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  1. It's simply delightful to read the names of the performers at these fairs! What fun.