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Massachusetts Renaissance Faire

This past weekend I visited the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire. This faire has gone over some major changes (once being called the Market of the Moons) in the past few years, you can read about it here.

The faire is located on 97 Fair Grounds Rd, Cummington, Ma.  This is an idea location for it is only 1 ½ from Albany NY (where I was coming from) and only 22 miles from Pittsfield, Ma.
There was so much at this faire, so lets get right to the acts, vendors and attractions that made this faire so enjoyable:

Arcadian Chain: vendors of some wonderful jewelry and accessories created with chainmail.

Blackthorn Prints: Producers of some excellent screen-printed tee-shirts, hoodies and paper prints.

Bonnie Weaver- Scarves, sashes and other items are sold here, but you will also have the opportunity to see her make her products.  Do not miss an opportunity to see her demonstrations.

Below The Gaff- A wonderful group I see at many of the faires I attend. You, and your entire family, will be entertained by some great music.

Charter Oak Leather: Makers of some wonderful drums, and of course some excellent leather products.

Contessa Esselia’s Curiosities:  Artist Jennifer Syas creates some wonderful leather masks and other apparel, check her site out for all of her products.

There was a parade!

Cornerstone Creations: Always a pleasure to speak to him at these faires. He produces some of the most wonderful wall and yard decorations I have ever seen, all in concreate.

Creepy Bard- A staple in many of these faires. His has a great voice, and a very talented artist.  You will not be disappointed in seeing one of his performances.

Dragon Ice Cream- With most faires being in the summer, you will want to stop by them and get some ice cream from a dragon.

View Blacksmiths at their trade.

Emazanti Creations: You will find some wonderful custom costumes and accessories here.

Fairy Tailor- A wonderful vendor I just met recently at the Midsummer Fantasy Faire.  He sells some wonderful capes, robes and other items.  Check his website out for more information.

European Treasure- Another vendor I recently met. He sells some great figurines, tapestries, etc. Also, check out TerriDragons, great homemade cloth dragons.

You could fight a knight!

Glass Wings and Gypsy Things:  They sell some wonderful crowns, masks, wings, jeweler.  Prices are affordable for everyone.

Karnevil: You will be amazed and freaked out at the same time.  A truly amazing show.

Gray Raven Farms: Products from the farm located in Lanesborough, Massachusetts.  You know these are great products such as lotions and soaps, and pure honey because they all are made from their goat milk and bees.

The Grinning Dwarf: Two of my favorite people to talk to at these faires.  They sell some wonderful leather products at incredible prices.  Make sure to check them out.

Shoot a giant crossbow.

The Harper and the Minstrel: I was walking nearby and heard some of the most beautiful music I have heard and discovered them. They are very talented, so do not miss one of their performances.

Just in Tyme Boots: If you need boots for a medieval, renaissance, steampunk, pirate or fantasy theme, then these are the people to get them from.

Stormy Knights- They put on a wonderful joust.  The entire crowd enjoyed their entertainment, and skill on horseback.  If you are putting on an event, contact their entertainment director and see if they can help.
Have tea!

Laker’s Acres: They had walking sticks, knit items, marionettes, and other great items. Definitely a check out and see.

Made by Hand Leather- Run by my friend Caleb Hand, it is always a pleasure to speak with him. He sells some awesome leather products at a very good price. If you are looking for something, check his Etsy site first.

Legendary Leather Crafts: They were sharing a tent with Made by Hand Leather.  Another great vendor selling leather products.

Mad Mailler: maker and seller of some awesome chain mail items.  You really have to see his products to appreciate them.

Get a Donkey Ride provided by Tripledale Farms.

Mike OJ:  A wonderful magician that will keep the entire family entertained and mesmerized by his tricks and slight of hand.

Van Ness Woodcrafts: Handcrafted wooden items for sale.  They sold some of the best wooden tankards I have ever seen.

MeadHall Outfitters- You can shop here and walk out with an attire wardrobe for your next medieval/renaissance (or steampunk) festival.

Monroe Bridge Books:  Sellers of some very rare and unique books, each one is a treasure.

Moon Dragon Designs:  Here you can get some capes, jewelry and also knitted items. 100% homemade items.

The Scavenger’s Nest/Kit Craft: They sell some wonderful new and used items. 

There were numerous food vendors at the faire.

The Scarlett Rose: What can I say about this merchant; they sell some incredible hats and accessories, and also some beautiful bronze items.

Encampment for the Knights of Lord Talbot

Knights of Lord Talbot: An education-based reenactment group featuring unscripted combat and a historical encampment.

Tintagel’s Gate: Always a pleasure to seem them at the faires. They sell some great daggers, swords, jewelry and wands, all at a great price.

Valhalla Horns: The sell some great drinking and blowing horns. It is also an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms.

 Dance with the Maypole with Lady Ophelia
Some of the performances by Ravenbane's FireCraft

Ravenbane’s FireCraft: They had flaming swords, whips, fire dancing, what else could you want? I could dedicate a whole blog post just on the one performance I saw, that is how incredible they are.

Shelli Buttons-  I have seen her at numerous faires, and her performance has not disappointed me. She is a truly amazing acrobat and entertainer.

There Was a Star Danced: I love the name of this merchant. They sell some wonderful Lanterns and Glass Decorations. They look like someone snatched a star from the heavens.
Go to a petting zoo.

Green River Woodcraft: Maker of both bows (archery) and bowl (eating).  A truly talented craftsman.

There was so much to do, you needed signs.
I wish I had the time, and space on this post, to list all the wonderful acts and vendors they had.  I suggest you check out their entertainment and vendors page to find out more.
The Massachusetts Renaissance Faire is a great faire, that improves each year I attend.  The faire runs from JULY 21st & 22nd and JULY 28th & 29th, so you still have time to make it next weekend!  If you don’t, then make plans (as I will) to attend this faire next year.
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