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Royalty and Rogues Festival

I attended the Royalty and Rogues Festival held at the Stittville Firemen's Field, 8920 NY-365, Stittville, NY. Previously it was held at the Utica Maennerchor.  This is a new location, which allows this faire to expand.  Indeed, it seemed there were many more vendors then there was last year when I attended.

Admission for the faire was $5 for adults. Children ages 10 and younger were free. This is more than a reasonable cost for getting such a wonderful time of entertainment at a faire.

Let us get to these vendors, performers and artists who were at this year’s faire.
Alice and her Puppet Friends- readers of my previous posts will know how much I enjoy this puppeteer. She puts on such a wonderful performance that will entertain the entire family.

NorĂ°rislá (Custom Norse Ironworks)- An incredibly talented blacksmith.  I truly appreciate someone who has learned the complicated skill of metal manipulation, and he is someone who has learned this skill.

Wood Dragon Gardens- they sell some wonderful handmade soap products and other items. I always enjoy talking to this vendor.

Edelweiss Schuhplatters of the Utica Maennerchor -they are a dance troupe dedicated in traditional German/Austrian Schuhplattler folk dance. Schuhplattler is a traditional style of folk dance popular in the certain regions of Bavaria and Tyrol (southern Germany, Austria and the German speaking regions of northern Italy). During a dance, they will stomp their feet, strike their thighs, hands and knees.
The Edelweiss Schuhplatters of the Utica Maennerchor and the Happy Haggs Dance Troupe got together to dance together. 

Happy Haggs Dance Troupe- If you remember I first saw them at the Fairy and Earth Festival in Watertown, NY.  They bring joy and happiness through the art of dance.  They are a joy to watch.

The Wizard Zacari (guitarist Steven Zacaroli)- He is another artist I first saw him at the Faery and Earth Festival in Watertown, NY.  This is a great guitarist that will blow you away with his talent.  I also enjoyed talking to him again, he is definitely on the top of my do not miss performers list.

The Sacred Satchel- Makers of some wonderful handbags, purses, and other handcrafted personal items. Truly amazing craftsmanship.

The Button Guy-Vic Lescovar makes some incredible buttons and refrigerator magnets. You can get some he has designed, or even have him insert of picture of yours into it.
Dragon’s Hoard- makers of some great cool novelty items.  I truly enjoyed my visit speaking to this vendor. I first met her at the WindfallDutch Barn Medieval Fair.

Feather and Paw-The are makers of therapy corn bags, jewelry and distribute metaphysical wares.

Paddy Nappers- Not only will this zany crew of pirates and privateers keep you amused with their jokes and merriment, but this group will keep you entertained with their incredible voices and musical talent. They have become one of my favorite groups to see at these faires.  Make sure to check them out, you will not be disappointed.
Mary Ann’s Mother Designs -Makes and sells some wonderful clothing out of Herkimer, NY.  See does custom work so call he at (315) 985-0395, and see what she can create for you.
Mark the Hat Man- Sells some outstanding period, and steampunk hats and accessories. He is located at 1462 Burnet Ave Syracuse, NY. You really need to see his products to appreciate them.

Stittville Volunteer Fire Department provided some excellent food and drink.

Ophelia’s Looking Glass- I was truly impressed with this talented group.  Their impressive vocals was only matched by their skill at playing their instruments.

Sisters of Arendelle - They dance and tell stories dressed as story book princesses.  They will enchant the younger members of any audience.

The Duchy of Loch Fyn- A medieval reenactors and fighting group.  They are a local section of The Adrian Empire ( a group dedicated to chivalry, Combat, Archery, and Arts from the Middle Age).  I was very impressed with this group and hope to see them again at other faires and events.
Lilla Rose- A stylist and consultant who can decorate your hair with beautiful unique hair accessories. Check her site out and ask about her hosting a party.

Art on You-Face Painting and Body Designs- They specialist in temporary/henna designs that lasts weeks not just days. You can book them for an event, so check them out.

The Shire of Coppertree, the local branch of the Society forCreative Anachronism (SCA)- People from my previous posts will know how I enjoy talking to members of any chapter of the SCA.  They are an impressive group that learns and keeps alive not only the fighting skills of the area, but also the technology and craftsmanship.  Make sure you check out a local branch near you.

Lostwithiel Dagohir- A battle group I have seen at numerous faires in Central New York. They are very educated and trained in armed combat. Their demonstrations are very impressive.
The Tardis- Fans of Dr. Who will know what I am referring to. Constructed by Kevin M. Woodcock.  

Corbae Fox Textiles- Audre Katz sells some wonderful clothing and accessories.  You can contact her at via her email.

The King and Queen (and other royals)- These performance artists had an incredible tent that they used as they portrayed the royalty of the faire.  You could go visit with them or catch them as they wandered around the faire seeing the numerous acts, or as they greeted the patrons. Holly Dobbins who played the queen also is the coordinator at a nature retreat. Check that out.
To support such a large contingency of royalty, you need many people heling. The Lords and Ladies of the Court helped keep them in proper attire during the faire.

Grumpy Dwarf Forge- they make items you can use in LARPING, Cosplay and so much more.

I wish I had more time, and space here to list all the wonderful, vendors, entertainers and performers that make this faire so special.

As readers of my posts, you know I attend many medieval/renaissance faires.  Some are huge, commercial events, others are smaller community ones.  The Rougues and Royalty is of the latter, however that does not diminish how great this faire is. At commercial sized faire, you will think you are being treated as a customer or number.  Community sized faires are usually run by people who have a passion for these types of events, they are determined in making it bigger and better each year.  The Royalty and Rogues festival embodies this attitude. They are devoted in bringing you the best faire they can and expand it each and every time. They will do what they can to make you  feel like you are also a part of their community.  I suggest you make plans to attend this wonderful faire next year; I know I will.

W.A. Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You can reach him by visiting his website, or via email.

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