Sunday, December 9, 2018

Watertown Comic Con

I recently attended the Watertown Comic Con, which was held in Watertown, NY at the Empsall’s Plaza. This building was built in 1904. This building was formerly a major building in Watertown consisting of 600 tons of steel and 6,000 bricks when it was built. At one time the building housed over 50 stores.
Downtown Watertown, known as the Square. We are known for snow

As with many cities, the downtown area has seen its decline.  A mall outside of Watertown was built, which also drew many business’s away from the downtown area.  Event like the Watertown Comic Con helps bring in people to this once flourishing area. This was the first year in Watertown for this event, organized by those who brought the Upstate Comic Con in the past. Readers of my post will remember I attended an Upstate Comic Con event as a vendor when my novel first was released.  You can read about that in my previous post.

Lets get back to the event;

Toku Arts- A vendor selling some wonderful artwork, mostly of Godzilla and other kaiju monsters. Check out their Facebook page to see some of their art.

Mhisty’s Coven Tree- A vendor out of Peru, NY. They sell wonderful clothing and items for renaissance faires to sci fi.  Also, you can purchase spiritual items for the body and mind.

Custom Force Sabers- When I was a teenager when Star Wars was released.  Being such a fan of the movie, I bought this plastic tube with a colored flashlight inside; which immediately broke; THESE ARE NOT THOSE LIGHT SABERS. These are well constructed, tough products. You really need to see these items in person to appreciate the quality of work that goes into them.

Chicken Fried Quilter- Making some wonderful quilted and embroidered nerdy items. They are located in Burke, NY.

Rainy Toad Gaming- If you want a 3d experience that takes you to a virtual world, these are the people to call. Their fully insured staff (that provides all the needed equipment) can come to your home, office or event.

This is the T.A.R.D.I.S. made my Kevin Woodcock.  I first saw this at the Royalty and Rogues Festival. He was also selling some items at the comic con.

You could play a game of lazer tag

Many people dressed up in character

Even Krampus joined the fun!

There was so much more to enjoy at the Watertown Comic Con. Check out their Facebook page and learn more about this event, and events put on by those who brought us the Upstate Comic Con. Make sure to make plans for the next one.


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