Thursday, January 3, 2019

Year in Review 2018

As usual this time of year, I like to do a recap of what occurred to me over the past 12 months.  You can read my last year’s post here.

First bad news and good news about my novel “Legend of the Mystic Knights”. First, my new publisher, Imminent Banter Publishing, pulled out of publishing my novel.  This came to a big surprise to me, but as the saying goes, it is what it is.

The good news, after creating my own cover and finalizing the editing, I am ready to self-publish.  Not only have I been working on the before mentioned items, I have also been creating a promotional movie. Come back here soon, you will be the first to see it.

As for other news.  As every year, I attended numerous faires and events. So here is a list and links to those posts of the faires I attended:

Robin Hood’s Faire.  Please note that the promoters of this faire have indicated it will no longer be held.

Midsummer Fantasy Faire. First time attending.

Faery and Earth Festival. First time attending.

Royalty and Rogues Festival. Last medieval/renaissance faire for me of the year.

As for other posts I created, I encourage you to look back at read them over again.  I did a series about the history of navigation, putting on a medieval faire. Also there was a post about the medieval winter, and of course a series of posts about Halloween and movies.

So basically, the year has ending, a year that had disappointments and triumphs. I guess every year is that way, as it is with life.  We must accept those disappointments, and learn from them, eventually they will turn into triumphs or memories.

Have a wonderful, safe, enjoyable 2019.
W.A.Rusho is a professional wrestler, author and historian. You can contact him via his email or website.  SOON: Some news about my novel, make sure to come back.

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